♥ ♥ Today may be a trial, but we will be triumphant! #TestimonyThursday #Autism ♥ ♥

Originally Posted Thursday, June 27, 2013

Top of the morning, today is Testimony Thursday! What’s your Autism related testimony? ♥

Jr spoke unintelligibly 3yrs ago, I used to vent & at times temporarily give up. I prayed & pushed, he improved. #TestimonyThursday #Autism

Jr used to write on the walls in boredom, Now he doesn’t! #Autism #TestimonyThursday

Jr has used his hand to hit himself in the forehead, scream or grunt out of frustration. NOW he can articulate those feelings. #Autism

Since Jr was diagnosed in 2010 with Autism, it’s truly been an uphill battle! The aforementioned testimonies are just a few that I decided to list, because these to me were the primary ones that constantly caused me to feel overwhelmed and at times “helpless!”

My husband although supportive didn’t seem to carry the same level of “emotional baggage” as I have and still do. My husband “created resolutions” without getting emotional about it. Grant it, I’ve seen the worry in his eyes; yet I’ve also seen the determination in his actions!

So, I took it upon myself to make observations and maintain records of it, so that I could account for Jr’s progress or the lack thereof. Partially, because I have Bipolar Disorders I & II + I’m a Virgo, so I’m OCD to say the least LOL… and don’t get me started on my anal retentive attention to detail!

I made a conscious decision to “STOP” living in fear of what people thought or could think of me and my child’s “diagnosis.”

I made another conscious decision to educate Jr as my mother educated me; via traditional and unorthodox methods.

I also decided that “I, his mother” would be his advocate, his dedicated aide, and his Public relations publicist! I did that because I refuse to believe or accept that anyone other than my Father, God; or his father Duke Sr., knew more about him than I; including “the professionals/experts.”

Therefore I didn’t want any “outside” opinions involved with his personal lifestyle. I only want assistance and support as it relates to his education (professional lifestyle). That’s where the professionals/experts are most beneficial to me (in my situation.)

Jr doesn’t have severe autism, he’s actually considered “High Functioning” however, he does show characteristics of *in my opinion* Aspergers and *in my opinion* Bipolar Disorders. Therefore, I tend to work with him using various methods and resources based on the characteristics he’s showing during the time; or that he’s shown consistently.

It’s a daily trial, but it’s also a daily triumph! That’s why after a long overwhelming week I think before it ends, we as #AutismParents should take a moment to Thank God for making it through again and we should also give ourselves a pat on the back, for being triumphant yet again in the face of adversity.

We are trailblazers, because we have taken the bull by the horns and thrown it to the ground! I see an abundance of #AutismParents coming together via social networking, but the majority are on Twitter and I’m ecstatic to have that community!

Again, breathe in and breathe out! Thank God for blessing you again with endurance, patience, intellect, and most of all LOVE! Thank your spouse, co-parent, friends, educators, professionals, etc…. for being who they are and adding to your cause!

Remember “Autism is not a disability, it’s the ability to see and experience the world differently!”