As it relates to “other women or ex women” Are ALL women “overall” insecure? NO! Are ALL women “insecure based on situations?” Yes and No! Let’s discuss….

Originally Posted Tuesday, June 11, 2013




Looking at the pictures above, have you been this woman? Have you thought like her? Responded according to those feelings?

Are you an “overall” insecure woman or do “specific situations and the people in them” cause you some insecurity?

I believe that there are many women who are “overall” insecure. I say “overall” because not matter “how much money they make; materialistic’s they attain; or how beautiful they are” they will NEVER feel or be “complete = secure within themselves.” They will NEVER be complete, because when you constantly seek “validation” from outside sources, then you are always “swaying” and there’s nothing “secure = stable” about swaying.

An insecure woman is like a table with “un-leveled” legs. It’s strong enough to hold one plate and one cup, but if you more than the minimal, the entire table could fall over or throw your plate and cup into your lap!

Now there are women like myself, who are “extremely” secure within themselves. However, we can be “temporarily” impacted by our situations and the people in them. These “impacts” surface through anxiety. Anxiety is the first step towards insecurity! Woman like myself have a tendency, to feel how they feel and they move on! They address whoever regarding whatever is bothering them, nothing more and nothing less. Secure women don’t need to “force” themselves on anyone or to do anything. Everything for them is done in stride, not out of spite.

I would like to “agree to disagree” regarding “women don’t allow their men to speak to their ex’s” well let me speak for myself and women “similar to me………. ” a “secure” woman encourages communication with an ex, especially if there’s a child or children involved.

Now if there aren’t any “children” involved, then I would have “reservations” however my reservations are really just temporary “feelings”and I don’t live my feelings, I live reality.

I understand that they had a “life” before me and they have a life with me now.

Every person that they’ve encountered collectively makes them who they are and the same applies to me also. To me an “ex” is no different than a co-worker from a job your no longer on, except the sex part, but WTF is sex when you’re over the age of 16.

Nothing… something you can do for yourself and quite good honestly ;o)

NONE of my men (especially my 1st love or my husband) have ever been able to understand why I support or insist “they communicate with their ex” to me we all need closure, but also there are some people who are meant to be in your life not only for a reason but a season.

I tell everyone that I deal with upfront (including my husband) that when I love I love hard and long and only I can change that. However I’m secure enough within myself to know that if my “now, husband” is talking with his ex and his flesh becomes weak and I find out then “it’s his lost” but by no means am I going to try and “STOP” what I never started! get the fuck out of here, if there’s a woman in your life like that, get rid of her, because she’s extremely insecure. IJS