#Autism Advocacy; Parenting…. Change Habits into Hope

220px-Change of Habit Elvis


The movie “Change of Habit” is about a doctor (Elvis Presley) and a nun, posing as a nurse (Mary Tyler Moore) interested in helping Dr. Carpenter (Elvis Presley) clean up the ghetto he lives in. These two are the stars of the film, for more detailed information on the movie, please visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065537/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl

This movie is relevant due to the fact that I saw two children depicted in the movie, that moved my spirit. Only one will be discussed.

The first child was a little girl who was at that time called “Autistic.” The second child was a teenage boy with a speech delay if I’m not mistaken, that had deep seated emotional issues.

However, I want you all to focus in on the “little girl”; her name is Amanda. Her real name is Lorena Kirk.

Amanda, could not speak before Dr. Carpenter (Elvis Presley) and the team he’d established worked with her adamantly. (In my opinion she “wouldn’t” speak, because she had the skills to do so later you will see this.)

She was quite the character, even without speaking. You could see in her eyes that there was something “inside” that she needed help getting “outside of herself.”

Of course, the opinions and efforts were at times, divided; yet each adult seemed to find “a compromising point” and therefore they were able to work through her, for her!

Elvis was “Determined” to hear her speak. He was “certain” that through an adamant pursuit, she “would” speak.

She did speak, after endless sessions with her. There is hope!

When I say “change habits into hope” this movie and the way I’ve lived and still live my life with Bipolar Disorders I & II; in addition to the way I’m raising my son to live his life with Autism displays what that statement suggests.

I had to change my “habits” into hope. So do you!

We as people, especially as adults have a “habit” of putting more faith and confidence in the “professionals” than we do in our own religious faiths and abilities.

I have changed my habits into “hope” that through faith in and reverence for God, prayer, planning, perseverance and action; my son will have a great life!

We have to understand and appreciate that each child on the Autism Spectrum, is unique! Therefore what has worked for another child, may or may not work for yours! Just because something works, doesn’t mean it will work fast or last long!

When it comes to ALL children with Autism, but especially those like the young lady I have learned that “consistency” is EXTREMELY ESSENTIAL to their advancement.

Please take the time to view the movie and then provides your comments, questions or concerns.

Remain faithful people, this too shall past!

Remember “Autism is not a disability, it’s the “ability” to see and experience the world differently!