#Autism and GPS Tracking Devices for Children

Originally Posted Thursday, June 27, 2013

For more information on the GPS Tracking devices, please visit Autism United at: http://www.autismunited.org/blog/gps-tracking-device-for-autistic-children-802745.html

I believe that “most” children diagnosed with Autism WILL BENEFIT from the tracking devices; however I honestly don’t believe that “all” children need them.

I have seen stories televised about children diagnosed with Autism not only wandering off; but drowning as well.

I’ve only had one experience of Jr “wandering off” and it took place at school for approximately two minutes (because per the teacher’s recount he only left the class because he became frustrated and rebellious). She reported that Jr walked out of the classroom and down the hall, since security was immediately contacted; by the time Jr was turning around to head back to class, security was right there.

However, just the “thought” of Jr wandering off for ANY amount of time dumbfounded me.

Then realizing that there was a “time delay” in the teacher’s ability to stop him from leaving the classroom; contacting security; then security responding. They did an amazing job honestly, but it wasn’t good enough for me.

The “time delay” is what made me the most nervous. I don’t like time delays when it comes to protecting or responding to a child, especially one with a disability or developmental delay.

I have since then educated and reminded Jr of the dangers associated with wandering.

I had to help Jr understand “Why” wandering was unacceptable, versus demanding that he not do it!

I explained to him that I too, get upset and have “stormed/wandered off” however, Mommy has also encountered bad people, that helped or manipulated me into making bad decisions and as a result bad things happened to me; that I can never change.

I explained that throughout your life, you will encounter people, places and things that will make you upset or frustrated; you won’t always be able to “remove yourself”.

He understands that “being alone” is NEVER okay unless he’s a grown up.

He should always be with an adult as long as he’s a child.

Since Jr usually follows directions or redirection’s very well, I honestly haven’t seen a “dire” need to have the GPS. However, since Jr does ride the school bus and my stomach is constantly in a knot awaiting his pickup and arrival to and from school; I believe that investing in a GPS solely for that purpose wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Since, I am currently unemployed and I function as his GPS. I have decreased my contact over the last three years, however when I “feel” something isn’t quite right, I am in pursuit. In those instances, I contact the school prior to his arrival/pickup time, or to confirm the time he arrived or was picked up.

Then I give them approximately fourty minutes from that time to arrive. That’s inclusive of me factoring in traffic and the stops. Unforeseen incidents like “traffic accidents or doubled routes” usually consist of adding another twenty to thirty minutes.

So on any given day Jr will get home within an hour of school’s dismissal.

Now on day’s like today, where the bus route is doubled (two separate routes combined on one bus) Jr didn’t get home until two hours after his school’s dismissal.

To avoid causing myself, Jr, his father, the transportation staff and the school staff anymore mental anguish and emotional distress, than I already have; I AM SERIOUSLY considering investing in the “LiveViewGPS Covert GPS Tracker PT-8200” solely for the purpose of tracking him traveling via the school bus.

I think this is the best one for that purpose because:

One function that makes the LiveView remarkable is its capacity to be able to operate efficiently even when indoors. Compared to other GPS trackers that do not work indoors, the LiveViewGPS Covert Tracker works well even when inside elevators, high-rise buildings and even in underground parking lots.

Those who use the LiveViewGPS Covert Tracker like the fact that it can be accessed remotely via the internet and that its battery has a long life span and can work up to a maximum of 30 days per charge. With all these functions built in, it is one of the priciest GPS Tracker available. 
Now the second GPS that interests me is the “WorldTracker Enduro GPS Tracker”. This ONLY interests me in the event that his father *my husband* or I decide to allow Jr to go with his school or a family member for a water related event.
I believe the aforementioned GPS is the best tracker solely for the purposes of remaining safe near or in water because:
If you live near the water, a good GPS Tracker to use is the WorldTracker Enduro. It is waterproof so you can be assured that it will work even when your child wanders off into the beach and submerges it in water. It is also able to work in extreme temperatures.
Those who use the WorldTracker Enduro like the fact that it is small and light. The battery does not have a long life and can only work up to a maximum of 10 days per charge.
However, they do have an optional extended battery which provides up to 6 months of continuous tracking.
I hope that this post helps make other parents comfortable or at least open to the idea of a GPS for their children. GPS aren’t ONLY good for directions when lost, they are the GREAT for locating; any and everything!
Our children are our most prized possessions and in order to keep them in tact; they must be protected by ALL means necessary!