#AUTISM and other Developmental Delays are you affected, if so, what are you doing? What help do you need? What advice can you offer?


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Autism Advocacy August 2010 – Present

Upon discovering that my son had Autism in 2010, I began on a path of advocacy.

Primarily, I remain abreast to laws, policies, procedures, budgeting & resources that help other educators, parents, and advocates learn to recognize and organize possible “red flag’s or characteristics” for/associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders, that I obtain through various sources. I ensure that parents understand their rights, services/assistance that are currently available to them & their families by providing various resources and conducting research where needed.

I attend triennial meetings that determine his diagnosis, in addition to yearly IEP meetings currently for my child alone in addition to educating myself and remaining open-minded in my approach and expectations at all times.

In 2011, I was afforded the opportunity via United Planning Organization (UPO) to attend the 38th Annual National Head Start Conference provided by the National Head Start Association (NHSA) in Kansas City, Missouri.

During the conference I attended meetings that included but were not limited to topics such as: Social Competence and School Readiness, Prevalence of Classroom Difficulties, Talking with Parents about Autism and many more.

In 2012, I obtained my CDA – Preschool Endorsement to further aide/assist in my advocacy. I provide Basic Life Skills training and coping techniques to parents and other advocates. I counsel parents and advocates, on defining “feasible and realistic” educational, social, career/work related goals/objectives. I also assist in revising goals and objectives, as well as routines as needed; ensuring that all activities are carefully planned as to consider each aspect of the child’s disability, especially, as it relates to sensory and touch issues.

I also provide feedback or suggestions to educators, advocates and other parents = “the team” at Early Stages, Inc., United Planning Organization, and Eagle Academy Public Charter School regarding my experiences and thoughts on how services or resources can be improved or maintained.

Let me know your thoughts, ask me questions, and offer me some advice! Let’s help each other!