#CANDID #Aversion!

Originally Posted Friday, June 28, 2013

Aversion is an unreasoning desire to avoid that which displeases, annoys, or offends.

The older I am getting spiritually, I am learning that some people and responses aren’t worth me “feeling or becoming angry” over.

They are not of my caliber, nor are they on my level (spiritually).

Many of them have materialistic’s (physical things) and “in their opinion” that puts them above me.

Just as “in my opinion” having an abundance of character is immeasurable and impenetrable, where as tangible things change over time and based on circumstances and situations; therefore can’t be completely relied upon or spiritually gratified.

I accepted a long time ago that people would never “Fully” get me!

My own parents “at times” struggled to understand me.

They understood the “me” they could control or benefit from.

However, they seldom understood “me” generally or completely.

I know that being a  #ChildOfGod #Virgo #Bipolar #Wife #Mother comes with it’s own sets of trials and tribulations, but I being the person those things manifest in makes it even harder for others to accept!

I don’t play with people and I don’t like for people to play with me, in any aspect. Not intellectually, physically, or financially.

What you see and hear, is what you get!

I’m highly opinionated and I stand firm on my opinions/M.O.’s!

I seldom IF EVER retract or apologize for something I’ve said or done.

God has to “lay it on my heart” for that to take place.

Again, we are all “individuals” our opinions, beliefs, M.O.’s, actions/reactions are also “individualized!”