#CANDID Don’t be stupid, be sanctified!

Originally Posted Monday, July 1, 2013




I am praying for everyone that I know “most who think I don’t know” that are currently: “insecure, bitter, downtrodden, mentally or physically ill, separated, divorced, already filed but haven’t signed, cheating but hoping to get married real soon, etc….”

*Don’t be stupid, be sanctified!*

I am praying that you all begin to live your life and stop living your lies!

*Don’t be stupid, be sanctified!*

God has a better awaiting you.

The funny thing is “it or their probably the one you’re doing wrong or frowning upon right now.”

Only you and an open heart and mind will be able to receive that.

You have to stop leaning to your own understandings and desires and seek God in all that you do and those you do it with!

Trust me, he won’t answer when your yelling, screaming, crying hysterically, or demanding his response.

However, when you’re calm and sincere, you will be amazed at who and what God reveals to you!

IJS Don’t be stupid, be sanctified!