#CANDID Eliminate Entitlement Escapades

Originally Posted Tuesday, July 2, 2013


keep calm and eliminate entitlement escapades


I’m over people and their entitlement escapades!

There are people who really “believe” you’re obligated to do things for them because of who they are to you, what they’ve done for/through you, or a position they hold above, beneath, or alongside you.

I’m the type of person that “gives (provides a service) as they expect to receive and receives no more than I’m willing to reciprocate.”

I have NEVER and I WILL NEVER “do” just because.

As a child, most times, I “did” what was asked because it made sense and my mother concisely displayed and explained the benefits. Although, there were times my mother took issue with me; because I wouldn’t “do” what she asked, simply because she was my mother.

My father “knew” him being my father meant nothing in regards to me giving (providing a service) to his benefit; especially since he barely maintained himself or our home.

My paternal grandmother “attempted to manipulate” until she realized her car never even started doing that! LOL. When she was “sincere and concise” in her intent and requests, we worked well together.

I act and reciprocate accordingly.

I keep a mental archive of all things I’ve done to, for, and in some cases against people.

I keep a mental archive of all things people have done to, for and in some cases against me.

I am spiritually enhanced when helping others.

I pride myself in helping others (giving = providing a service) through utilizing my vast skill set.

I also pride myself in showing appreciation.

I admire and highly respect those that can reciprocate appreciation through “a simple thank you or an act.”

However, I DO NOT and I WILL NOT tolerate or accommodate a person in the midst of an entitlement escapade!

If you speak to me, request something of me, or demand that I do or give something “as if I owe you” you’ll quickly get nothing.

Once I’ve concluded you not only “believed” I should have done something (I owe you), but you never “appreciated” what I did that was to your primary benefit; I cease to act or respond, even upon request.

I’m not a pushover! Contrary to popular belief, I’m an extremely kind, caring, responsible, and understanding woman to my core.

My first layer (surface) is abrasive, but it is my protective shield.

People who “think” I’m nice, “attempt to or actually” advantage take me.

These same people are then shocked or appalled when the ~#HBIC side shows and I’m unwilling to acknowledge or accommodate them.


Ensure that you “show” your appreciation for those that do things for, with and through you.

People should be and need to be appreciated for all things; small and large.

Keep in mind that “nobody” has to do anything for you; especially once you’re an adult.

Just because someone is your mother, father, sister, child, spouse, etc. does NOT mean they “have to do”something for, with, or through you.

I’m a firm believer in “doing to others as I’d have them do to me!”

ANYthing I’ve ever said or done, I did to you as I’d expect you to do to me. If you didn’t treat or speak to me, as I have to you; that’s your business.

With that being said, keep the aforementioned in mind when you’re considering asking someone to do something for, through, or with you.

Also, take it into account when someone “regardless of who they are” ask you to do something for, through, or with them.

Stand your ground and don’t be overpowered or made to feel guilty, by someone’s entitlement escapade!