#CANDID Get to know me in reality, not virtually!

Originally Posted Friday, June 28, 2013

1044606_673340152692535_660678354_nHATED BY MANY CONFRONTED BY NONE


Primarily, the FB “unfriend” button is a dear friend to me! I pride myself on privacy, contrary to popular belief.

When I begin to “feel/sense” a person is solely around for the purpose of snooping then I’m obligated to remove them and allow a “natural relationship” to manifest.

I’m not the kind of person that values quantity over quality. I value quality!

Having 300+ FB friends, 170+ IG followers, 150+ Twitter followers, it’s truly overwhelming and overrated!

The amount of “feeds” I have to sift through is ridiculous.

One thing I’ve learned is that “people” really believe they know you; inclusive of relatives, based on what you post via social networks or the lack thereof.

I, myself am guilty of it.

I’m done with the passing of silent judgement’s behind your computer or phone screens with no public effort to relate to me.

I’m at a point in my life where people really need to get to know me in reality, not virtually!

The very people that have judged me “from a distance” are the same people who will “curse me out or threaten me over the phone” yet are too intimidated or narcissistic to get close enough “to attempt” to establish a relationship with me.

Some still harbor hate or discontent for me for things done or said in the past.

Some never liked me to begin with, but like the idea of me (under their control or to their benefit).

Social networking is not even 5% of my real life, trust me when I tell you this.

BTW please don’t feed into the “gossip” people if I’ve un-friend a mutual friend or even one of your family members.

I’m more than happy to oblige any inquiries that are within reason regarding my decision.

Keep in mind, this is my life and I do have a right to have who I want in it, in the platforms I want them in!