#CANDID Men: get CONTROL of yourselves.

Originally Posted Friday, June 21, 2013

Just b/c a woman especially one you find attractive politely smiles at you DOES NOT mean she’s interested. You men are so quick to want sex, but majority of you aren’t ready for what comes next.

Speak and keep it moving because SOME OF YOU are doing way too much, some of you are still  on “the down low,” so just stop!

Women are not “trophies” to be collected and discussed among your friends, in an effort to establish and maintain self esteem.

SOME MEN truly behave like “dogs in heat!” because their ability to control their “sexual urges” is basically non-existent. Then these same men, wonder why women are so “Cold and calculated.”

We “become” this way as a direct result of how you all already “are!”

We have to “react” based upon how you “Act!”

Keep in mind that the reason many women “Snarl, roll their eyes, or blatantly ignore you” is because they are “over” the childish antics that are associated with the simple gesture of saying hello with a smile; that comes with speaking to a (sex crazed) man.

I’m livid because I realized that “no matter” where I am or what I’m wearing, IF I give a polite smile to avoid that stiff smile that doesn’t show any teeth; I am “pursued” in one form or another.

I smile, because I’m polite and courteous. I smile because I have self confidence and inner beauty that the world ONLY see’s when I smile.

What I can’t understand is why men take a smile, as an invitation to give you their number ONLY for the purpose of having sex or the hopes of having sex!

Either way “the end result” with these type of men is ALWAYS “sex.”

They want nothing more from you and they’ll settle for nothing less from you. Sex is it and it’s all! Once you give them that, they no longer have any use for you.

Smiling in my opinion: is simply “a common courtesy and a sign of respect for another person’s presence”  smiling IS NOT an invitation to introduce yourself (unless in the appropriate atmosphere). Smiling IS NOT an open invitation for sex or the hope of having sex.

Sex contrary to popular belief, is more than a physical attraction. It entails a spiritual connection as well.

A smile doesn’t constitute a physical attraction or a spiritual connection!

“The method is which you pursue a woman that IN SOME CASES ultimately becomes YOUR woman, will set the tone for her insecurities, suspicions, or conveniences later in the relationship”

Meaning, for example, if you were “a dog in heat” when she met you….. IF you begin to behave similar to that, she will assume you’re cheating or considering cheating.

Start out the way you intend to finish, with integrity and chivalry!