#CANDID MY ♥ is heavy like a chevy…….

Originally Posted Tuesday, July 2, 2013




MY ♥ is heavy like a chevy, Jr said: “Mommy how old will my grandma Rose be?” I said: “What? (obviously shocked) what made you ask that? Were you thinking about Grandma?”

He said: (looking like duh idiot) Yes , Mommy I was thinking about my Grandma Rose and her birthday and nobody going to come see her because she don’t need a birthday cake because she went to heaven.”

I said: “Yes Jr she did go to heaven and I believe she’d be 85 on Thursday because her birthday is the 4th of July! Let’s ask Daddy to be sure when he get’s home from work.”

He said: “okay mommy I need some juice and yes I want to eat some food” …..

What’s weird is that I was wondering = worrying about how he was feeling about her, since like his father, he internalizes everything and very seldom even in anger or frustration

“I may never know how he truly felt, if I don’t sense it, because he will not tell me”

This is a blessing because his father and I have said to him Jr it’s okay to talk to us about missing or thinking of Grandma. He finally did!

Amen and thank you Jesus for answering another prayer. ♥ ♥ ♥ #Autism #ProudAutismParents#RIPMommaRoseHBD ♥ ♥