#CANDID Social Networking Pros and Cons

Originally Posted Sunday, June 2, 2013

Having Bipolar Disorders I & II + PTSD and raising a child with High Functioning Autism (HFA) Social Networking can be beneficial and detrimental simultaneously and for the same reasons. I’ve reached my “capacity” for social networking during this time.

First off, I’m extremely irritated by the “obsessive, narcissistic behaviors that social networking have exposed in my family and friends” There are people that I’ve learned so much about without even “saying a word to them and vice versa.”

I’ve also realized that people are “always” online, as if they have a moral obligation to update their status, post a pic on IG, tweet something, yet some of these same people have lost the competencies it takes to carry out a real life “relationship, job, etc….” These people are irritable with people in real life unless they are out clubbing or truly enjoying their families. I have also realized that because of my extreme attention to detail “I’ve seen way too much nonsense” and I’ve caught too many naive people being used as a portal into my life. You’d be amazed at the “Friends and followers” naive people get, once your enemy seeks to stalk, destroy or simply irritate you.

One thing about me that will NEVER change is, if you “Deal with, communicate with, are in a relationship, or an alliance with someone that I don’t like, I blatantly hate, or am simply not close to anymore” then YOUR access to me will be limited, if you any at all. I’ve operated this way since I was a young child and it works great for me!

People are bored with themselves, their lifestyles, their spouses/children, etc…. and social networking is just something more to do, especially for the insecure! You can login to your account and “pretend” to feel great, pretend to be doing great, pretend to be in a stable loving relationship, pretending to love your parents, pretending your children love you back, pretending you aren’t lonely, pretending anything you want to pretend about.

Yet, again in real life “being the Vaultkeeper” I know the truth! I know the backstories of many of you, especially those “who think their secrets are safe!” Child please! Just like some of my secrets are barely being held by a piece of tape, some of your secrets never received a seal to begin with! However I keep my opinions to myself, I archive everything I see, hear, and feel until the appropriate time!

This is that time!

I have “real life” issues, people and goals to deal with. I realized that the people I spend “ample time” socially networking with, wouldn’t spit on me if I were on fire!

So why am I wasting “my precious and valuable time” networking with people who honestly aren’t “Active or contributing” factors in my life. They aren’t active or contributing factors, because these people “only emotionally impact my life” which with my conditions is the worst way to impact my life! These people DO NOTHING for my family, and I mean nothing!

The most I’ve gained that I’ve been able to use or provide to my family, have been the people I’ve met online, the advice I’ve received and offered via my online Autism Support Groups/Discussions Boards.

Other than that, FB, Twitter and IG have completely “overwhelmed me” they have allowed me to see people for who they are, where they are in their life! I was doing great before I created a Facebook account in 2007.

I hadn’t had an online profile in almost 10 years when I created that. Now “again” I’m addicted as I was when I was a young child, however I’m an adult now, with “real life” things going on that I must attend to. I have accepted the fact that I’m not about that “online life” therefore it’s no sense in me continuing to mislead myself or others!

I have accepted the fact that if I needed help with anything especially my son, these people I socially network with “Have no relationship with me really, and majority have never met and will probably never grace the presence of my son” simply because of where we are in our lives right now. Not to mention, I’m over the e-vite and e-card crap!

I haven’t received a phone call to “attend” an event in so long that I don’t remember how it sounds or feels. It’s awkward every year for me, to actually “place a call” to my son’s closet friends parents to extend an invitation to accompany him for birthday cake and ice cream.

We have forgotten how to exist and enjoy each other in real life! If we can’t capture the moment for later review virtually, then we haven’t experienced anything!

When did this happen?

I remember some of my best “memories” I have no proof of and that’s how some things in life are meant to be “mentally.”

Nobody can download your data from your brain and use it against you later (unless you open your mouth) Nobody can spam or block you for the data you hold in your head, your memories are yours “unfiltered” and that’s how some things should be!

Live in the moment, not in the snapshot!

We are way too comfortable with “social networking.” We are so comfortable, that we’ve made it easy for employers to “Secretly discriminate and rightfully discriminate” against us based on behaviors outside of the workplace, that whether you all admit it or not; most if not in all cases, have a long term negative impact on your work ethics!

I am at a point in my life, where my undivided attention truly HAS to be on God 1st, then my family, then myself.

Everything and everyone else will have to get in where they fit in = when I make time, there will be time!

This is just food for thought.

This is my decision, based on my “needs” and my wants! With Love, HBIC_PHILANTHROPY