#CANDID You should note ESP lives in me!

Originally Posted Monday, July 8, 2013


My backstory is like Mary Magdalene, being a woman of the African American or American African as I’d jokingly tell my mother, a Virgo (mutable/earth sign)

You should note ESP

<extrasensory perception: perception or communication outside of normal sensory capability, as in telepathy and clairvoyance.> lives in me!

This post is to provide the “doubters” a little insight into how I know this is true!

I learned at an early age that I could “sense” things about people simply by looking at them, speaking with them or observing them speak.

I could “feel” their spirit trying to connect to or corrupt mine. Depending on where I was spiritually determined the connection and duration.

I’ve always said to people “if you think of me hard enough I will appear.”

This is a true statement; don’t believe me, ask someone that knows me, especially my Husband or Aunt Retta since my parents/grandparents are deceased.

Actually, you can ask a few of my friends/associates that I’ve given “my opinion/insight” to regarding their situation and people or things within it and they’ve said to me “you were right” or “thank you.” There are people that can testify to this! Whether they will or not, is the question.

Once I connect to a person, we are connected indefinitely! No matter where you go in your life, at some point in it, I will cross your mind!

I do use astrology in my hypothesis regarding individuals because since a child I’ve found that ALL people are true to their star sign, whether they believe in it, accept it, or not! No, that doesn’t mean that a person is true to all the characteristics related to their sign, but believe me, there’s at least 3 they are true to me. Three is more than enough for me.

I’ve also made note that “I” can ONLY deal with people of specific astrological signs for specific duration’s of time and others the time allotted seems indefinite. Yet, ALL people gravitate to me, whether they love, hate, or love to hate me. **Keep in mind there are some exceptions**

How it happens: I receive an emotional charge, almost like zzzzzzz (you know like a pager vibrating in your pocket) type of feeling except it’s in the pit of my stomach. Then other times I just feel the discontent, malice, love, aloofness, etc simply by making “contact” with the person in some form or another.

There have been times where I’ve been sitting in my grandmother Lola’s basement and as I’m making “plans” I’d “feel/sense” this wasn’t a good night to go out. Then I’d change my plans and “most times” when this has happened, I’ve avoided trouble and danger.

Other times, I’ve “dreamed or had a premonition” about things to come. I’d tell people, girl I’m going to get this outfit, or go out on a date with this guy, she better stop or she’s going to get in trouble, etc and then I’d see where some things happened as I anticipated, and other things have yet to happen that way, if at all.

I admit reluctantly, LOL; I’m not always 100% right, but I’m seldom more than 50% wrong!

There have also been many incidents where I’ve caught people stealing from, lying to, or lying on me; without tangible proof. Later in some cases, the tangible proof has manifested.

*Like right now 12:58pm EST), I’m thinking of Jr; wondering what and how he is doing at school. Then as I look at the top of my screen I see my Google Voice light up, it’s a call from the school nurse! Now I’m really in panic mode! I return the call; now I’m in route to pick Jr from school*

1:44pm Cont…. my apologies in advance if I digress a bit because I’m trying to pick up where I left off at, but that’s sometimes difficult when how I “feel” interferes with what’s “real!” Okay here we go….

Some situations it never did, but the people involved, knew that I knew!

As I’ve gotten older especially after being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorders I have to “discern” the difference between my paranoia and my ESP, because they both are similar and the way in which the thoughts surface in my mind happens in the same manner.

Hence my statement “how I feel isn’t always real, I don’t deal in how I feel!”

I’m a natural investigator, so since I know that paranoia resides within my spirit; I gather, collect and review “facts vs feelings” to assist me in determining if this is “real” or simply how I “feel.”

I ALWAYS have the jump on people, I always “feel” when it’s the best time to react and I do!

Being the self proclaimed #VaultKeeper; The truth I knew was not what I was reading via status updates or posted pics. So I’ve researched to confirm or deny my assumptions.

Lately, I’ve caught so much bullshit I should call myself the “people pooper scooper!” LMAO

I’ve seen these “successful, and financially stable” individuals re-financing their homes driving themselves into debt; accumulation of speeding tickets; children being neglected and then parents overcompensating via materialistics; I’ve seen people that I KNOW don’t like me anymore because I’ve ex-communicated them “attempt to follow me, by following someone they assume is following me on Instragram” ; others keep sending friend requests via FB, others are still “searching my Twitter name” that no longer exists!

I’m on top of it all! If there’s a portal, trust I will close it, once I feel the draft! Once I ex-communicate someone ONLY “God” can change that!

God truly has to “lay it on my heart” to acknowledge that person, long before communication or a relationship can be re-established, IF it can be.

People will ONLY know what I want them to know.

Even those I confide in; I never trust 100%.

I’m intelligent, tactful and evasive enough to NOT give anyone enough dirt to bury me.

There are many omissions because of my inability to trust.

Not lies, omission’s as in “missing information.” Some may consider that lying but I’ve always functioned on a “need to know” basis.

Everything isn’t for everybody.

Remember, you should note “ESP lives in me!”

“I’ll be your #VaultKeeper or your #SpiritEater ~ you decide!”