Don’t Try, Do & Be!

Originally Posted Sunday, June 9, 2013

Don’t Try, Do & Be speaks to “the ability to maximize on your full potential and to be at your best!”

When I hear “adults” saying “I’m trying” to do this or that; I immediately become irritated.

I don’t understand “trying” because to me at a certain age, there’s no room for “trying” within reason and with the exception of specific circumstances/situations.

For example, if you’re running a race and you become exhausted; then at that point it would be appropriate (in my opinion) to say “I’m trying” to finish the race.

“IN MY OPINION” You need to be “doing” things to improve yourself/situation *at all times* and then “be” improved!

Try is a procrastinator’s favorite word!

People who self loathe (procrastinators, the insecure, etc.) tend to “try” with little to no effort to accomplish things that others are simply “doing” without excuses or exasperation. They tend to “be” who others wish they were and “be” where others are still “trying” to go.

I believe that if we change “the terms” we use to identify ourselves and our situations; then we will change not only our interpretation, but our response.

By responses, I mean “actions.” I am “doing” everything I need to do to establish myself as a blogger and philanthropist. Once I’ve gotten enough credible and valuable circulation I will “be” the “known” blogger and philanthropist I set out to be. I am “doing” everything that a Philanthropist does, because I am living a philanthropic lifestyle.

I am “a lesson” to be learned and shared multiple times via multiple platforms to multiple audiences.

I know that if I were to say “I’m trying” to establish myself, then that leaves room for internal and external self loathing, excuses, and procrastination. I refuse to accept that, even from myself at my age.

I have goals and the only way to achieve them is to “do” what it takes within reason and within the bounds of integrity to achieve those goals.

Then I will “be” where I have planned to be once those goals are complete.

The word “try” is like the word “can’t” it sows negative seeds!

It doesn’t assist in “encouraging you to advance” it simply discourages you and promotes your self loathing.

When you “really want something” I mean really want it, you “Do” whatever it takes to get it; right?!

So why not apply that same thinking and motivation to “Everything” in your life?!

I’m talking about everything from being able to spend more time with your spouse/child or children; have meals as a family unit; having spare time to nap on the weekends; saving more money in shorter time frames; etc.

So the next time you think to yourself “I’d love to have a Sunday dinner with my family next weekend” then DO whatever you need to do to accomplish that. You can request to take off from work early or the entire day Saturday; ensure that the intended guests are available and have them rsvp; you can ask that it be a potluck style dinner until a routine is established regarding the host, menu, location, etc.; and the list of things you can “Do” to ensure the dinner is successful, goes on and on.

I’m sure by now, you fully understand where I’m coming from and the point that I’m trying to make.

TAKE THIS WITH YOU: Doers are those that don’t “depend on or abuse the term try.”

These people “take action and make paths to lead them to their destination” they aren’t sitting on the side of the road reading a map, “Trying” to find their way.

They are “doing” what needs to be done to make a way and then in no time they’ll “be” at their destination, fulfilling their destinies.