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Originally Posted Monday, July 8, 2013

Virgo: Mutable quality, Earth element: 

Virgo is more practical than Gemini and just as, if not more intelligent.
This sign seeks to devote its substantial communicative talents to concrete goals.

Virgo is less likely than Gemini to become scattered by trying to do too many things, and yet more likely than Gemini to become bogged down in the details.

Virgo’s fastidiousness and precision is unmatched by any other sign.

They polish their work until it shines, for Virgo’s overwhelming desire is to feel productive.

Don’t tell a Virgo to relax and chill out, for most members of this sign have not quite mastered that ability.

They feel badly if they waste time. Being an Earth sign, their powers of organization are amazing and it’s this skill which gets Virgo tangible results they can measure, compare, assess and perfect (a Virgo word if there ever was one).

But Virgo isn’t rigid–far from it.

Virgo’s Mutability allows for a willing flexibility and razor-sharp course corrections mid-way, an asset Virgo keeps hidden up their laundered and starched white sleeve.

***My backstory is like Mary Magdalene, being a woman of the African American or American African as I’d jokingly tell my mother, a Virgo (mutable/earth sign) you should note ESP lives in me!***