#Philanthropy “Aspire To Inspire”

Originally Posted Sunday, June 23, 2013


Aspire To Inspire Pics


The picture above is a depiction of different people in different situations (with the exception of the wedding rings). Each person’s situation can inspire someone else to aspire to do and be differently! Some people’s inspiration will cause them to aspire to “avoid” certain decisions or to “make” certain decisions whichever is applicable to their plan for their lives.
ASPIRE is the “moral obligation” once you have reached “contentment” (success) in your life TO INSPIRE the next person to aspire to be, the best that they can be! (in my experience)
Content is defined as:
content  (kənˈtɛnt) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
— adj
1. mentally or emotionally satisfied with things as they are
2. assenting to or willing to accept circumstances, a proposed course of action, etc
— vb
3. tr ) to make (oneself or another person) content or satisfied: to content oneself with property
— n
4. peace of mind; mental or emotional satisfaction
(http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/content?s=t ) Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the definition used in the aforementioned reference.
In my experience to be content, IS to be successful!
Successful is defined as:
successful  (səkˈsɛsfʊl) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
— adj
1. having succeeded in one’s endeavours
2. marked by a favourable outcome
3. having obtained fame, wealth, etc
http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/successful?s=t ) Scroll to the bottom of page to see the definition used in the aforementioned reference.
Contentment in your life can be: finally getting the home and car you wanted; completing your Undergraduate studies; starting your own business; putting all your children through at least high school; finally becoming secure and establishing self esteem; doing away with childish things like cheating, lying, etc….

Your success obviously inspires, but have you considered how your failures can too inspire another? You can inspire someone in many different ways, however it begins with “sharing your story!”

Often times we as adults make the mistake of associating inspiration ONLY with accomplishments (success); instead of associating it with “Education” which is a combination of your failures and accomplishments.

As parents we are so afraid of sharing our failures with our children, because we fear they will make the same mistakes. Not realizing they are our children and in many cases are predestined to follow a similar life path. I’m here to tell you, you’d be surprised at how sharing those mistakes with your children can help some of them to avoid them completely.

Often times, as parents we want our children to “duplicate” our success! Other times we “demand” that they follow “our idea of their success” tediously and in a timely fashion. We never take the time to consider “What do they REALLY want to do with their lives?” “How can I still play an influential role without being overbearing, inconsiderate, or a complete pushover?”

Again, it starts with creating a plan of action for age transitions and what topics are appropriate to discuss during those transitions. There are specific “synopsis” that your child SHOULD hear at a certain age!

For example, if you became sexually active at 14 but your spouse didn’t become sexually active until they were 16 then that means at 13 the two of you should come together and at the very least “explain the preliminaries” regarding having sexual intercourse, not just general sexual health.

It’s okay to be honest without providing your child with “graphic details or detrimental information” however omitting “facts” to make yourself look better than the other parent; to avoid your ego being crushed; etc., “is not recommended” because it will come back to haunt and taunt you!

Aspire to inspire, is not limited to your loved ones. You have an entire world of people that you encounter on a daily basis, some of those people may need or even want your inspiration.

I’m not saying go out and try to save the world. That’s unrealistic.

However, we all have seen or heard someone in need and have either been in a position or are in the position to assist and we didn’t, or for some silly reason thought we weren’t qualified to.

There’s always a co-worker, elderly person, or even that stranger neighbor (the ones you see, but really don’t know them) that could use your inspiration.

Use discernment as it applies to offering your inspiration, because everyone isn’t open to it!

Everyone that needs it, isn’t in a place to receive it.

However, you can give it! You can contact your local shelters, churches, schools, and more to inquire about “volunteering” in their programs geared towards the disadvantaged or elderly in the community.

You’d be surprised at how “you” will help someone, if not many people! Aspiring to inspire, doesn’t cost any money really, it only costs some of your time. Time that you’re going to use or ultimately lose by wasting it away, anyway. So, why not do something positive with it? Especially if it means you help another person.

Remember your aspirations are another’s inspirations, so don’t be afraid “Aspire To Inspire!”