#Philanthropy Embrace your flaws, because you will find those are your best attributes!

Originally Posted Monday, July 8, 2013

Every flaw that I thought I had, I actually learned were my best attributes.

These are the things that make me, ME!

They uniquely identify me apart from everyone else, especially other women named Tiffany.

Once I began to embrace them, there wasn’t and hasn’t been anyone or anything that could stop me!

Even in this moment I am “embracing my flaws” as being dubbed “talkative” and a “know it all!”

I haven’t allowed that to hinder me! I channeled it to help me!

You must embrace your flaws, trust me on this!

You WILL find those are your best attributes!

“Don’t believe me? Just watch! I’m being about my business! Time will tell, because Tiffany will prevail!”