RIP Michael Kingsbury The 7 year old boy diagnosed with an #Autism Spectrum Disorder

Originally Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2013



As I sit here listening to the news the pit of my stomach is in an uproar.

I am still in disbelief that he was found….dead.

I can ONLY imagine how I’d respond in a situation like this.

I can say that I’m certain, I wouldn’t be as poised as his mother and grandfather “appear” to be.

I am still livid and somewhat dumbfounded by their poised demeanor’s.

I can’t help but hear my spirit whisper “she may have gotten rid of him; maybe she was overwhelmed; remember the girl you grew up with from 6th St SE; maybe someone did take him and was she neglectful”

I’m fully aware that I could be wrong about my assumption.

Again, it’s only my assumption; but only God truly knows. The law may not discover the complete truth and unfortunately that’s the reality of situations of this nature.

I am praying that the truth about his disappearance and death are revealed and the culprit is brought to justice, punishable to the fullest extent of the law!

I am praying that Michael’s spirit is able to “rest in peace” knowing that he didn’t deserve to die; not that young, and not that way!

I pray that other parents, advocates and professionals take heed to this situation.

I pray that “alternatives and more resources” are established and readily available to all those in need.

They may even have to start doing “monthly or bi-weekly” home visits for parents of disabled children, whether married or single.

At some point, we have to be accountable for these children and their safety. We can’t keep crying and having funerals without doing anything about “the issue at hand.”

As I stated in my blog post from yesterday:

I also pray that his mother receives counseling and support services pertaining to effective parenting and her child’s diagnosis of Autism.

I am praying that whatever “truly” happened comes to light.

I pray that she finds and maintains her inner peace, because despite how I “feel” about the situation; I can only imagine what’s going on in her heart, mind, body and soul right now.

#Aversion I have way too many personal “feelings” surrounding this incident, so this post must end.