Why do we “settle” for less, then get upset or downtrodden when our “demands” for more aren’t met?

Originally posted Friday, May 31, 2013

Here’s my opinion: I not only believe, but I KNOW that we as people tend to “settle” because we are afraid of “demanding” what we know or believe we deserve. The key “in my opinion” to getting what you deserve; first is “KNOWING” what you deserve.

Believing you deserve something and knowing you deserve something; are two completely different things. Believing you deserve something “in my opinion/experience” can be equivalent to wanting something and hoping you get it, without any effort or demand for it. Knowing you deserve something “in my opinion/experience” is just that “knowing.” When you know what you deserve, not only are you actively putting forth the necessary efforts to obtain, you aren’t accepting anything more or less than it.

When you STOP trying to “co-exist” with someone, place, or things; simply to avoid conflict, then understand you may NEVER get what you deserve. You will only get what is given to you. Now we all know how people are about “sharing” LOL so I wouldn’t hold my breath!

However, think on this for a moment……. Ask yourself: IN THIS church, job or career, relationship or friendship(s), apartment, home, car, hair salon, grocery store, etc.. am I getting what I believe I deserve, what I know I deserve, or “what’s given to me = the leftovers?”

Only you can answer that question.