#Autism Advocacy and Philanthropy…. why I am here!

Originally Posted Thursday, November 7, 2013


Autism Advocay Philanthropy Pic



I’m at a point in my life where I’m “compelled” to help! Growing up as a young, petite, intelligent, cute, sometimes shy, other times boisterous African American female, who was diagnosed with #Bipolar Disorders at only age thirteen; I knew I was destined to be seen and heard!
Since a young child, I knew that my life is not my own. Meaning that I’m here as an example and lesson to others.
At one time in my life I “hid” the fact that I was diagnosed with Bipolar, because not only was I ashamed I didn’t want to be “crippled” because of the stigma associated with the label; that still exists. I flew under the radar for years, despite the episodes I had.
However, in 2010 when my son was diagnosed with Autism and I was simultaneously in the midst of a manic episode; I began to “Advocate.” Initially it became about “recon” getting an inside scoop on the resources and materials that were available to families of children diagnosed with Autism.
As I pursued my CDA (Child Development Associate) and maintained my position as the Vice Chairperson of the Parent Policy Council via UPO (United Planning Organization) I saw the difference “I” was making! I wanted more it! I needed more it! I loved it!
I also was fed up with having to constantly “chose” between my “job and my family!” I also accepted that I wasn’t “meant or built” to work for someone that didn’t hold the same values that I do. I accepted that I must “create a career” if I ever wanted to have one!
My “lifestyle” is my career! I am an advocate because this work I do isn’t about “monetary gain” it’s about spiritual sustaining, advancement and truly “helping those in need” while making a difference in their lives.
I am on a roll here and I feel great everytime I get a “RT, Like, Comment, DM, Inbox, Follow, etc.” from people that are likeminded; I’m especially grateful when people who are related to Autism connect with me.
I’m not a doctor, nor am I am special education professional; despite my Higher Education and Early Childhood Education background.
 I’m simply a daughter, woman, mother, wife and friend; who decided to “STOP” waiting on things to change, and made a conscious decision to “START MAKING” things change.
I was nervous at first, because contrary to popular belief I’m not an attention seeker or leech. I prefer being “behind the scenes” however, I’m not afraid to use my “big voice and little body” to get the message across and the task completed.
There’s so many parents and professionals, who feel the way I feel but are afraid to speak on it. Others are simply afraid to explore the things they believe may work. Some simply don’t know where to go or who to turn to in their time of need. There’s many more scenarios, however I’m here to be a liaison between the “people” and the “resources/materials” needed to accommodate our children (loved ones) and their needs!
I’m currently working on two books. I’ve yet to finish my Bachelors’ Degree however that too will be completed sooner than later. Right now, my focus in on the people and the help that they need, that I can provide because of my experience to date.
I pray that you’ll take my information with “A grain of salt” and I welcome you to critique it with a fine tooth comb; challenge me… even… it’s all a learning and teaching experience that we’ll all ultimately benefit from.
If you feel as though you have nobody, like I do most days, know that I am here for you!