#Autism and artistic expression

Originally Posted Tuesday, October 15, 2013

As I gather my thoughts as I’m writing this, I’m actually practicing what I preach and teach. I’ve been typing, writing poetry, stories, etc since age 7.

Now that I’ve made that point, I’m offering it to you as a means to not only get information out of your child or loved one diagnosed with #Autism; but as an figurative umbilical cord that connects you.

Since I started asking Jr to draw and keep a journal at home (because he used to sneak and draw on the walls in his room or closet years ago) I’ve learned more about how much knowledge he’s attained, his desires and goals, his fixations and self soothing behaviors.

The most important thing I learned is his weaknesses and it gave me an opportunity to assist or correct him as needed.

Allowing and encouraging your child to keep a journal, or to use their words and pictures will make an improvement on their communication skills, reading and comprehension abilities.

You’re teaching and improving three skills simultaneously, without the presence of pressure and accountability. Sometimes having a set time or environment to “express themselves in” can prove extremely overwhelming and potentially cause an episode or episodes of regression.

The key to getting them to open up is being able to relate to them in a way they can understand and reciprocate. They also need a neutral environment that provides structure, but also allows creative freedom (imagination exploration within reason).

Remember, just because they can repeat words doesn’t mean they understand what they mean. If they know (understand) what the word means, it doesn’t mean they know how to use the word properly within their thought process or how to use it to write a complete thought.

Give them the freedom and platform to express themselves artistically.

Artistic expression is another way to establish and maintain their self esteem and overall morale.

“Their awesome with #Autism!”