#Autism and socialism

Originally Posted Saturday, October 12, 2013

Raising a child diagnosed with                        #Autism can place crippling fear in the parents/care givers. 

We mustn’t allow our fears to hinder them. 

You’ll be amazed at what they can adapt to or  overcome, given the spiritual (emotional) foundation laid.

If you do as I’ve done and that’s educate your child or children on their diagnosis (condition) and teach them how to embrace and enhance the                                       positive traits and to discard the negative.

Trust that you’ll give your child or children a solid foundation that initially               establishes their sense of self which is their self esteem.

Once that happens you only have to assist them in maintaining their self esteem especially in the face of adversity.

Teach your child or children the importance of using their words; introductions; turn taking and sharing; expressing their needs; expressing their fears or frustrations; identifying proper ways to greet others; conflict resolution; honesty and accountability.

also suggest role playing different scenarios; doing something spontaneous to  test their response and simultaneously teach them conflict resolution.

Remember a child diagnosed with #Autism is usually internally conflicted due to their unique way of interpreting  what they see, hearand feel. Using visual supports, especially those   you all create together are helpful.

Isome cases won’t need to be repeatedly used, unless reinforcing a skill.

#Autism and socialism can be great. We simply have to do our best to teach our  child or children how to handle and process their thoughts and emotions  to the extent they verbally react versus physically act out.

We must also remain optimistic because we can’t prevent all episodes.  

We can only do our best to appropriately and quickly resolve the episodes as they present themselves.

However, there’s a way to prevent some if not most of them based on our knowledge, confidence, consistency, buoyancy, and perseverance.

God bless and stress less.