#Autism #AutismAwareness #AutismSupport and The benefits of using “Google Chrome” for everyone in your home~ especially your children!

Originally Posted Thursday, July 11, 2013

I’ve been using Google Chrome since the beta version released for Windows in 2008. However, I believe in 2011 prior to the passing of my mother; I converted to Google Chrome as my primary browser. I even convinced my son and husband to convert as well. 

Google Chrome has made my life “100%” easier and even more “efficient!” The “apps” that Google Chrome offers are amazing and “free;” did I mention “free?” 

Below please see the snapshots of my desktop using Google Chrome.  

google chrome desktop screenshot 1


Please look at the icon in the middle of the Facebook and Instagram app icons. That app/icon is titled: “Autism News.” I use that practically “everyday!” There’s rarely a day that I don’t use that app. Rarely!

I have grown to love that app because it works great with the manic episodes associated with my Bipolar Disorders. There’s always “something to read” so there’s never a dull moment and that’s a great thing for me and my mania; especially as it relates to researching topics for personal use or my philanthropic work. 

Now, please direct your attention to the “Owl.” The “Owl” is an app titled: “Learn Dolch Sight Words.”

The grade levels available are “pre-primer through third grade.” I previously used this primarily, as an addendum to Jr’s speech therapy. Since he no longer “qualifies” for Speech therapy services, due to the fact he doesn’t show enough deficiencies on the Autism Spectrum; it’s currently used as a remedial course. 

The app is great; to say the least! 

It really reminds me of “sitting in on his speech therapy sessions.” 

I love how clear their pronunciation is! I also like the fact that it’s simple enough where Jr can click on the owl and learn how to “Say” words on his own! 

He see’s the word and how it’s spelled and he hears how to say it. He’s taken complete advantage of that! He uses it to increase his own vocabulary. He’s so comfortable with it, that I don’t have to “prompt” him to use it anymore; unless I’ve noticed he hasn’t used it and I’d like to give him a remedial course. 

google chrome desktop sccreen shot 2


The owl icon on this page is an app titled: “MeeGenius! Children’s Books.” Now that app is also another great one! LOL 

I love this app because it has a few of those children’s books that we’ve probably lost, damaged or never purchased. The books it has includes: The three little pigs, Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the beanstalk, and The Jungle Book; to name a few. 

PLEASE NOTE: Since the app has been updated the option of being “able to read along” is no longer available. However, it’s a great voiceover for a story time setting. Meaning you can still have your child/ren gather around the computer and play the book, while everyone listens in. 

To be quite frank, the only con with that is “you can’t see the book pages” as you previously could. So you’re left looking at a small icon of the book as it reads it. 

Although my screen “looks like a Macbook” I’m currently using a Dell Inspiron One without touchscreen capabilities. Google Chrome offers “Apple Themes” so I took advantage, until I convert to an Ipad and Macbook from PC/Android electronics. 

Here’s a few more apps that Google Chrome offers you and your family, may find useful: 



“3D Solar System Web” 
“Biodigital Human” 

The aforementioned apps are in my opinion for adults and children over the age of 13. However, Jr’s intellectual capacity supersedes his age and his diagnosis of Autism; therefore he’s been able to benefit from those apps. 

He absolutely loves the “Biodigital Human” because he can “build a body” and learn about it simultaneously. He began to show an interest a few years ago, when his not only his school, but his father and I begin to help him identify “the parts of the body and their function!” 

“3D Solar System Web” is self-explanatory. It’s fun to use also. It makes you feel as if you’re in the “Back to the Future” vehicle, the way the app moves around the Solar System. 

It talks to you about each planet, so you don’t have to worry about “reading.” 

“Ancient History Encyclopedia” is great for first graders through adulthood. I’ve utilized this app on several occasions to assist me in “quickly and efficiently” helping Jr complete a homework assignment. I’ve even used it to cross reference a few college courses I considered taking. 

These are just the apps that I’ve found beneficial to myself and my family. 

Google Chrome has numerous apps to choose from. I hope this information at the very least, sparks an interest and at the most, provides relief to those feeling a bit overwhelmed.