#Autism #GoogleHangouts

Originally Posted Sunday, October 20, 2013


#Autism #Jr, my husband (his father) and I latest obsession! 

This is great; not only is he “revealing” his private thoughts, he’s increasing                       his socializing through basic conversation (verbal and written). 

Overall, he’s increasing his vocabulary. 

His spelling is better and steadily increasing. His pronounciation is also                 increasing simultaneously alongside the increased ability to correctly spell                      and read words. His sentence building skills are increasing also. 

Not to mention, his ability to be humorous or sarcastic, I’m happy for this ! 

Below are two screenshots I took of some of Jr’s conversations with his father and              I via the Google Hangouts app. He really enjoys communicating with us via text,     because sometimes he’s so excited or uncertain of himself, that he can’t complete         his thoughts or sentences when speaking with us face to face. 

These conversations help suppress his anxiety while also increasing his self esteem.     He enjoys being able to “speak his mind and talk freely.” 

I enjoy seeing this side of Jr. 


#GoogleHangouts Jr and Mommy pic 1 do you love fun stuff and jr and daddy#GoogleHangouts Jr and Mommy pic 2 Im not going to the dentist with mommy.png-large




Remember each child on the #Autism Spectrum is different, however there are many methods and resources that can assist you in getting your child to open up and remain open. You have to “to accommodate, engage, and teach them based on their interests, level of comprehension and comfort.” 
Remind them that they are “Awesome with #Autism!”