#Autism “The Art of communicating by using technology to your advantage!”

Originally Posted Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Began at 8:56 am

 As Jr was playing “Roblox”found at: http://www.roblox.com/Landing/Animated/ on the computer, (pictures below)
pic 1pic 2
Jr was ecstatic to see “his first name Duke” being highlighted at the store, as he looked for the AMC Movie Theatre on the game.
pic 3pic 4
he said: “Mommy I’m in college when I’m 14 years old. I’m driving my car. Oh, I think this is my house. Oh wait I’m not the owner. Ok, NOW I’m the owner.”
I said: “Jr you don’t want to stay in your daddy and mommy’s house when you go to college? You just want to be a grownup and to live all by yourself?”
Jr said: “No, Mommy, I don’t want to live in you and daddy’s house when I’m in college. I could be the owner of my house and live by myself.”
I said: “ok Jr that’s fine. I will enjoy the time we spend together while you live with mommy and daddy before you’re a grownup.
Jr said: “ok mommy”
I became quiet as I chuckled on the inside because of how “adamant” he is on being “independent!” I guess I created a “confidence” monster when I explained to him about his diagnosis of Autism and what it entailed.
Then I became afraid!!
I thought “wow! Ok! Ummmmm I have a plan, but he’s already in opposition with plan A, ok, maybe plan B isn’t that bad; but I really think plan A is more realistic from today’s standpoint.
Then again, Jr’s full of intellectual surprises!
Then I thought “keep calm” he’s only 7 years old, even though it’s “realistically possible” that he can be “14 years old in college” it is not happening tomorrow.
LOL, which means I have ample time to panic, pray, plan, revise and proceed!!
Approximately, 10 – 15 minutes passed. When I looked at the computer screen, I said: “Jr that’s your second car? Are you going to have lots of cars when you grow up?”
He replies with what sounded like frustration: “no! Mommy.  I’m only going to have one car. This car is for my job when I deliver pizza before I’m in college.”
I said: “oh okay, then when you become a grownup you can get a different and better job in an office.”
He said: “yes like you and daddy!”
The remainder of his game playing was spent explaining to me how: “he’s like the man on the computer, because the story is called *the man that does things* and I’m like the woman on the computer because the story is called *the woman that does things*; how he’s a superhero because he showed the police the bad guys and delivered their pizza to them. He found *the frost potion* and became Jack Frost. He searched for a movie theater like the AMC Theatre that he, daddy, his “girl” friend N.J. and I have went to before. He found a Six Flags America, he said he didn’t have tickets. He needs to get tickets.
ic 5
 Looking for the AMC Movie Theatre
pic 6pic
Reading about “the man who does things”
pic 8
When he found the “Frost Potion” and became “Jack Frost”
*hint hint* he needs to get tickets. Most times Jr “wants” to do or get something, he’ll say things like: “I need” or “I have to.”
Ended at 10:30am
As I viewed the upcoming movie previews via the Fandango app on the tv and began viewing the Despicable Me 2’s preview: he says “Mommy I want to see Monsters University and Man of steel!”
He was jumping on the bed a little and I said: “Jr when you’re with Mommy especially *cutting summer school* you have to chill out. The main reason you’re home is because of your headache and Autism tics.”
He looks out the corner of his eye at me and says: “mommy I need you to be quiet so I don’t miss any of them.” See the pictures below: He’s in our bed, watching our 3d tv, telling me to be quiet because he doesn’t want to miss any of them (the fish!) Really Jr? Really? LMAO ;o)
pic 9pic 10pic 11
I said: “\(^0^)/ yeah ok Jr”
Here’s what you may be thinking, here’s your answers.
* YES, Jr can read! YES, he does read “physical books.” NO, he doesn’t read them upon request when at home, because he has to be interested or “need” to do read.
pic 12pic 13
Jr reading an “E-book” about Superman. He absolutely loves the “I can read” book series.
* OF COURSE, I’m concerned with the amount of time he spends on the computer, using the tablet/phone, and watching tv. I’m most concerned because of the Autism tics and headaches he complains about and similar symptoms I face due to overindulgence.
* The pro and simultaneous con about the aforementioned is that having to wear glasses prior to having Jr diagnosed with Autism, gave him approximately a 90% chance of needing glasses. His father wears them, 3 of his older siblings, my mother and father, his father’s mother and father. I’m approximately 80% certain I may need them; at the very least for reading by age 35. I’m certain, because of my 20 years of overindulgence in technology and headaches I’ve been experiencing majority of that time.
* I’m ecstatic about the “results!” I can’t help but be thankful for the advancement and convenience of technology. I’m able to teach Jr and be taught by him; all via technology.
* I like how it “frees” Jr to be comfortable “opening up!” Jr teaches me about “his inner most precious thoughts, desires, and intentions”; that otherwise I’d have no clue about. I’d spend hours, days, crying, being frustrated because I felt “ignorant, like a failure, and left out” because I didn’t know what my own child needed, wanted or how to get them to communicate it.
* I’m also thankful for it serving as a versatile platform for independence, self esteem, breakthroughs, and great learning experiences.
 What are the advantages or disadvantages of using technology with your child? Share your opinions and experiences.