#Autism the Awe’s of being artistic!

Originally Posted Sunday, September 22, 2013


Below you’ll see a “few” pictures that Jr and I have drawn over the years. Only a few are from this year. There’s way too many to list in one blog post. However, I want you to focus in on the “content” of each picture rather than the drawing, spelling, etc…
Jr has come a long way in regards to expressing himself “artistically!”
We’ve gone from using pictures we’ve taken, drawn, or that we’ve colored to use for various lessons.
We also use these pictures to “get into” what’s been sitting dormant in his mind, without having to probe or borderline interrogate him..
Jr loves to express himself but ONLY when and how he’s comfortable. I’ve found that allowing him to draw and encouraging him to “write/draw out” things he’s remembered, actually helps him with communicating.
Here’s the pictures and their descriptions:

artistic awe pic 1

It reads: “I make a Chistams tree” We know it should say: “I made a Christmas Tree.” but this was his interpretation/explanation of the drawing he did in school.

artistic awe pic 2


This is “The Princess” like the Princess from the movie “The princess and the frog.”


artistic awe pic 3

This is from a few years ago, not sure how many unfortunately. However, this was when I was teaching Jr the difference between boys and girls. I wrote “Duke is a boy.” Then Jr drew the picture of himself.



This picture is self explanatory. It describes “how we get around and the methods in which we use.” I drew everything and “obviously” I’m no artist LOL; however Jr remembered these things and he colored them all, and he even wrote “We go places” on the U Street-Cardozo sign.



This picture is also self explanatory. It describes “what tells time and the differences in them.” As you can see my drawings “are NOT” good at all, however they are legible enough where you can identify them properly. Now IF you can see the “line” around the second analog clock…. Jr drew it after telling me “Mommy that’s like a grandfather big clock” and he’s right, because the types of Analog Clocks that I’ve shown him resembled “the big ben” clock.


This picture is a picture of children playing football and other sports.


This is a “plane” that he made at summer school. He put lightning on it and explained to me that “it does fly.” it doesn’t fly high, but it does fly.
Again these are just a few examples of how to “get information out of your child!” I understand completely the frustration that “many of you” may be currently faced with. I understand how difficult it is to only receive pictures of monsters, food, toys, or anything that doesn’t really “tell you what they want, think, or need.”
However, I encourage you to stay encouraged!
You couldn’t have told me that in 2010 Jr would be where he currently is! Jr could barely write anything outside of his name. His speech was unintelligible. Jr didn’t want to do much of anything but watch tv.
Now Jr’s speaks intelligently, he has also speaks with confidence ans sarcasm at times; depending on the type of message he intends to deliver. He can articulate his needs with approximately 90% accuracy. The remaining 10% may improve, or it may not. His father and I are grateful for all his progress made.
I encourage you to remain hopeful, faithful,open-minded and buoyant. Each child is unique and therefore we must be grateful for the abilities our child possess and display.