#Autism#AutismAwareness #AutismSupport Want to get your child to “open” up? Dying to know what’s going on “in their mind? Well get into “Club Penguin!” It really helps!!!!

Originally Posted Wednesday, July 10, 2013



The picture above is a snapshot of Jr playing online with “Club Penguin.” You can visit the site yourself, here: http://www.clubpenguin.com/?country=US.

Now Jr’s been “asking me, over and over and over again” to “give him MY email address” so that he could play Club Penguin! So for the last month approximately, I’ve brushed it off by replying: “Jr you have an email account, why not use yours?” He always responds: “Mommy it says you have to get your parents email address to play it!”

So today, “again” like clockwork; Jr asked me. So, instead of brushing him off, I became inquisitive.

I allowed him to come into our bedroom and get on the computer.

Once he sat down and logged on (he’s always had his own login on our home computers); I showed him on “Google Chrome” what his email address was and where to find it.

We visit their site and go through the registration process and Jr receives the confirmation email “in his inbox!” LOL and off to the races he went!

I sat as usual “pretending” to NOT be paying attention, all the while recording voice notes from my phone while simultaneously tweeting and typing notes for this blog post.

I overheard Jr saying things like: “Hey doggy I don’t have any money to buy food yet, but I have these things you can play with” or “hey wait I need to get dressed first, before we all go.”

I realized that Jr “as I assumed and often catch” is more intellectually inclined than I “knew and sometimes don’t want to accept because of his diagnosis!”

Like his mother, but more like his father; Jr “literally” absorbs everything and only “put’s out” what’s needed, when, where and how it’s needed!

What I love about “Club Penguin” already, is that it gives Jr the confidence and comfort that he needs to “express himself” freely. Club Penguin is an safe; ad free; Facebook for children. They can play games, change their “penguin,” chat with friends and more. There’s also resources available to parents.

Often times what I’ve found with Jr and other children is that “they resist what they don’t understand, fear, or don’t find useful.”

In 2009 Jr’s speech was limited and unintelligible; but I kept pressing him to talk to me, talk at me, I didn’t care. I just wanted Jr to speak instead of making sounds!

The more space I gave him along with “refusing” to respond to his “yells, grunts, mumbles, etc” prior to his diagnosis, he began to speak. He still didn’t speak “as clearly or intelligently” as I believed he should at 3 1/2 years old.

So that, along with the fact that as an adolescent; I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorders and was informed through treatment that “if I have a child, my child has approximately a 90% chance of having a mental condition or developmental delay.” How does an 13-year-old look forward “positively” once they receive such news? They can’t!

That’s also why for so many years, I didn’t want a child! I already had a farce of a family unit; from aged 7 going forward, my life has been tumultuous. Jr is my second pregnancy, but my only child. He was a “Godsend!” Jr’s father and I “needed reformation and redemption” and I honestly believe to the depths of my soul; that God used our fear and reverence of him; love for each other, to create Jr and to spiritually reform and redeem the two of us.

So since Jr’s now 7 years old and speaks “like a sarcastic arrogant adult” at times LOL “Club Penguin” IS helping me to get “more information” out of him, so that I can monitor or route what goes in.

I’ve enjoyed watching him play the games and explain to me what’s going on as he plays. I really enjoyed listening to the music he made (see the picture above) because he was mixing music, once the prerecorded beat began to play.

It was interesting and entertaining for the two of us; to say the least. I look forward to learning more about and from my son by utilizing this.

Good luck everyone!