#Bipolar and bonds

Originally Posted Wednesday, October 16, 2013

bipolar and bonds


Having Bipolar, it can at times, be difficult to establish and maintain healthy relationships.
What I’ve learned throughout my life and recently “accepted” is that only 10%of your relationships have the ability to be reconciled.
The remaining 90%are subjected to peoples arrogance, ignorance, perceptions and more.
The 90%are those relationships that we label “burnt bridges.” These type of relationships aren’t worth attempting to rebuild.
Clean the area, then clear it. Build something new. It’s usually best to leave the area clear, once clean up is done. Trying to build something solid and new on damaged ground can be emotionally detrimental. It could cause regression.
What that means in respect to “bonds” is to accept when significant damage has been done.
Accept that whether your episodes were justifiable or not; most people, especially family will not be able to accept your diagnosis and they definitely won’t be able to witness, handle, or appropriately process your episodes.
Especially those who “think they know you” and whose soul intent and purpose is to change you, not assist you in evolving.
Now there’s the 10% I want you to focus your time and energy on.
These are the relationships worth fighting and evolving for.
This does include, but isn’t limited to: managing your diet, sleeping habits; managing your mood swings and associated episodes through medication, therapy  or homeopathic methods and activities; learning your triggers, identifying and suppressing justifiable triggers; addressing any thoughts or actions you believe to be real and those you actually experience.
Beware of your paranoia.. Beware of being defensive.. Beware of being cut throat.
You must also “teach people” how to interact with, care for and LOVE you.
You must be accountable, you must be honest and consistent.
You must stress the importance of accountability, honesty and consistency from those who wish to establish and/or maintain a relationship with you.
Last but not least don’t waste your time thinking about or trying to embrace or impress someone that doesn’t wear a watch. They don’t know what time it is!
Know that despite our diagnosis or episodes we’re beautiful people, that with much faith in God (or your higher power) a little humility, and a pinch of work; we’ll establish and maintain great relationships, some will be life long.
Have faith and carry on! We can be #Bipolar and have bonds!
I LOVE you, because I am you.