#CANDID Asinine Adults! #TIFF #Venting #Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo

Originally Posted Thursday, July 11, 2013


   [as-uh-nahyn]  Show IPA


foolish, unintelligent, or silly; stupid: It is surprising that supposedly intelligent people can make such  asinine statements.

of or like an ass: asinine obstinacy; asinine features.
Today I’d like to address “Asinine Adults.” 
I’m livid with the aforementioned “type” of people! 
I don’t understand how these “type” of people are able to maintain anything; especially jobs, homes, or relationships. 
I’ve been dealing with some extremely “Asinine Adults” all my life; but more over the past 10 years. 

I can’t believe the “lack” of intellect that they “consistently” display. 
In my opinion, being an “Adult” consists of more than being over the age of 21, having a job, apt or home, paying bills, etc.. those are “duties” that are expected of someone in adulthood. 
However, your intellect and character (spirit); in my opinion actually determines your level of maturity or lack thereof. 
What I can’t understand is how “Asinine Adults” think they are going to have any good come their way, behaving the way that they do. 
Even I, who functions in the “HBIC” (Head Bitch In Charge in case you didn’t know) mentality; knows that humility and accountability are the essentials necessary in being a “mature” adult! 
I am “to my core” an extremely caring, loyal and intelligent person. Instances where either my “Bipolar Disorders cause an episode or my lividity causes me to explode” then I can appear to or actually behave like an “Asinine Adult.” 
The difference in myself and the people I’m referencing, is “they lack humility and accountability.” 

These “type” of people NEVER apologize for things they have done or said; they NEVER try to make amends to the people they’ve hurt, defamed, or treated unjustly. 

“I weather ALL my storms HBIC style!” I always have and always will! 

When I refer to myself as the “HBIC” please note: I’m referencing the definition “female dog and lewd.” I have my “female dog” moments where I’m like a “Pitbull in a skirt” as the rapper, Eve would say. 
Other times, I’m lewd; because my tone, words and actions are extremely vulgar. Since I’m aware that at times I function and behave as the aforementioned definitions, I simply wanted to clear things up. 
I highly “Advise” anyone whose dealing with an “Asinine Adult” to stand their ground; regardless of your mentality or circumstances. 
TRUST ME….. they may “hate” you ultimately because of you standing your ground. However, they will “respect you” whether they admit to it or acknowledge it; or not. 
I’ve seen this in my own life. There are people that “detest my mere presence.” However, they “know better” than to try their hand with me, IF they aren’t prepared for the duration of the outcome. 
These people “need to be protested upon and corrected.” These people do not need to go on thinking it’s “okay” for them to do things and treat people the way they do. 
I had to show a few friends, family members and especially some previous employers; that when it comes to my life, next to God, I am the HBIC; because I preside over I! 
Do not allow these “Asinine Adults” to make you feel as if your insecurity is your reality. 
I urge all people who are working for an “Asinine Adult” to STOP being a pushover. That doesn’t mean you have to be a b______h; however you may have to temporarily adopt an HBIC or HNIC mentality to get through the ordeal. 
“Asinine Adults” are usually the people that “we believe are doing so well!” These people come in the form of supervisors, politicians, fraternity/sorority members, public service workers and more. 
Some of these people actually have a distorted perception of reality concerning themselves and those around them. 
Learn to identify and “overpower” these individuals. Don’t let an “Asinine Adult” be an “issue” emotionally or in your life. 
Accordingly deal, so that you can heal and declare that your “peace be still!”