#Candid Children as Commodities and Liabilities; instead of a gift from God

Originally Posted Wednesday, November 27, 2013


MrsTiffany Hbic White Right but the reality is UNTIL ppl, especially the women who give birth to them STOP treating them as “commodities” which ALWAYS results in them being treated like a “liability” when things don’t go as planned and treat them like “gifts” from God; as God intended them to be, then and only then can a difference begin to be made. 

Not to mention, women need to stop playing the damned blame game so much, b/c “quiet as kept” we hold 98% of the power (that’s what my mother taught me), the man’s sperm is only 2% b/c without the egg, womb, and strength/nourishment of the woman carrying that child or children, that sperm is worthless! 

If WOMEN made intellectual decisions vs entitlement based and sexual decisions, the world would be a better place… SMH I could go on for days but this won’t happen until “everyone” takes responsibility for their part in the matter and not only makes a decision to correct it, but stands by that decision through action

Here’s an inside look at a Facebook conversation that took place around this very topic! 

  • MrsTiffany Hbic White
     My reality is what it is! I refuse to blame anyone, even my husband for anything surrounding our son. I made a “conscious” decision to have a child knowing who I was, who he was and all that we both came with.
  •  I can’t say the same for other women. that’s why “my reality” allows me to state that I’m 98% and his sperm was 2% because without my “approval and carrying out of the pregnancy” that sperm wouldn’t have meant anything but another fun ass night! 
  • The fact that “I” chose to “allow” his sperm to not only fertilize an egg, but I allowed that egg to grow and mature, gave me the power, because men can’t be fathers without women first deciding to be mothers, otherwise it’s only “sex”….. that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.. I’m not going to be that woman that says “he got me pregnant, he anit shit, he don’t want the baby, etc..” CU 
  • CU I am in no way trying to de-value the woman’s role, nor am I going to accept the devaluation of the man’s role…
  • however society has it “twisted” right now…..you say you don’t want women to treat their kids as commodities, yet you are giving values to the factors that = kid……….egg without sperm = extinction..
  • Ha i feel u on that cuzn bcause i often say that women carry the burdon of having babies…….
  • MrsTiffany Hbic White CU I’m giving “factors” for the “sole purpose” of making a point. 
  • A lot of parents, specifically women aren’t “adequate” in regards to their parenting and that’s because the “factor” is already embedded within their spirit, therefore it manifest in their behavior. 
  • I don’t want to “De-value” the man’s role either, however in equating his sperm to 2% of the reproduction process is an effort to have the “women be held accountable” for their pregnancies! 
  • Because again If we as women chose to have children for “the right reasons which from what I was taught and have learned through my own experiences are: love, carrying out God’s plan being fruitful and multiplying” not so he can stay, not so I can get a check, etc… 
  • then I wouldn’t have to use those % to get my point across… but women blame men and I just don’t get that part at all! I’ve avoided numerous pregnancies and heartaches by making “intelligent timely decisions” 

  • MrsTiffany Hbic White CU  All I’m saying is “we as women” need to do better. We lay down and then we can’t step up when needed!
What is your opinion on our opinions and experiences? What is your opinion? What kind of experience(s) have you had or are having? Do you as the mother or father or your child view or treat them as a commodity, liability, or gift from God?