#CANDID Loyalty, do you know where your loyalties lie?

Originally Posted Thursday, October 24, 2013


know where your loyalties lie



Loyal is faithful {firmly and devotedly supportive; worthy of trust or belief; reliable; consistent with truth or fact}to a person, custom, or ideal.

Now let’s examine the definition for a moment…

How many of you know people who display these characteristics, such as devoted, reliable, consistent with truth and fact?

I’m sure at first glance you’ll initially think, I know plenty of people like that.

Now…. I challenge you to think about your “rock bottom moment or moments” out of the people you initially thought of,  how many of them have actually been there for you in your dire {having or warning of terrible consequences: disastrous. 

Requiring urgent remedial action or treatment}situations?

If you’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to find people who display the characteristics consistent with loyalty; you must cherish them. I’m not saying enable them, I’m not saying be walked over by them; I’m only saying cherish them within reason and reality of course. 

Stop trying to force the reciprocation or acknowledgement of loyalty, from people who obviously don’t know the meaning of or characteristic’s that are to be associated with and displayed that represent loyalty. 

Take people for face value, meaning believe what you see!

Stop making excuses for people, who wouldn’t make or even acknowledge an excuse from you. 

I believe in giving as I expect to receive, and I believe in receiving as I anticipate to reciprocate. Nothing more and nothing less.

Know where your loyalties lie, otherwise spiritually, financially, and physically you’ll die. 

Stress kills.