#CANDID The Messes Of Exes

Originally Posted Tuesday, December 24, 2013


This post are for all the men and women who’ve had “wretched relationships” that have ultimately left their character defamed to some extents; made them feel regretful; caused them unnecessary stress; etc.

I encourage you to “remain encouraged!”

Continue being “who you are!”

Look at that person as “a lesson within a blessing!”

If you’ve had children with that person(s) then the children were “the blessing” within “the lesson (relationship)”

If you didn’t have children with that person (s) then consider it a “blessing” across the board!

God “speaks” to all of us, usually we aren’t paying attention, so obviously we don’t hear him.

God doesn’t wear a Rolex or a Timex, therefore he’s not going to answer you “specifically” when you want or how you prefer him to.

God speaks to us in his time and in many ways. He uses people, situations, numbers, etc to communicate.

However, When you’re so content on and arrogant regarding “exercising your free will” he’ll step back and allow you to “fall!”

Once you’ve fallen, God knows on him you’ll call and he’ll be there…. Ready to deliver you, only if you’re ready to receive deliverance.

Understand that “a lot” so approximately 50% – 80% of our problems we create by exercising free will, being forced by others, feeling a sense of obligation and all “without” seeking God’s approval!

Then many of us continue to smite God by not seeking his guidance throughout our situations.

We want what we want. Placing our “demands” on others. It’s funny how people who “give a little” expect “a lot!”

One thing I’ve learned about “the messes of exes” is “we aren’t our past!” There’s always someone who’ll try and break you.

Usually it’s the very people who’ve used and abused you.

These same people then go on to “ruin their children’s lives, ex spouse lives.. they can’t maintain any meaningful relationships outside of coworkers, family members, and childhood friends. They still can’t “be respectful, responsible, honest or accountable” even when the situation calls warrants it. When you encounter them, it’s like witnessing a child having a tantrum… An embarrassing, irritating ordeal. They haven’t had a relationship since “you’ve left them alone” that lasted 5yrs + which means it’s not you, it was and is… Them!

Remember “actions always prove why words mean nothing!”

Seek God. Hear God. Listen to him. Follow your heart, just take your brain with you.. I guarantee “your hearts desires” will be granted!