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Originally Posted Saturday, January 4, 2014





Once you stop enabling ‘babies to have babies’ we’ll have more adults raising children.

I’ll never understand parents who allow their babies to have babies that they raise and support. You have failed miserably at educating. Babies, I.e., an inexperienced, irresponsible, impulsive, unaccountable, insecure, inconsistent individual. Per my definition…

Parents are a child’s first teacher = educator of all things. Parents also reinforce or deny what’s learned at school and in the world.

If your child has NEVER had a job on the mid-level, NEVER lived on their own, etc. why condone them having a child they’re unprepared for?

Then ya’ll glorify being a grandparent especially a lot of ‘these proud single mothers’ to the extent it’s sickening because you’re knowingly continuing a negative cycle of broken homes.

IJS What are you teaching them? What does that mean for a young man like Jr? are ‘your grandchildren and their parents’ his prospective in-laws? If, so the pickings are slim to none and we’ve got reformation to do.

You have taught your child that not only is it ‘okay’ to have unprotected sex, it’s ‘okay’ to have a child or children with someone they in most cases haven’t had a committed long term relationship with and don’t intend on having one with.

You have taught your son that it’s okay to ‘make children’ when at core, he’s a child himself.

I mean are you not still ‘paying his bills, preparing his meals, washing his clothes, pleading his case, dealing with the child or children’s mother on his behalf, raising his children and more?

You have taught your daughter that it’s okay to ‘make children’ when at core, she’s a child herself.

You have taught her that it’s okay to have unprotected sex  and make children because she’ll be ‘praised’ for her ‘bundle of joy’ she’ll be ‘showered with attention and gifts’ she’ll also be taught how to ‘file and collect child support’ to ‘support’ this child meanwhile defaming and bringing down the father in the name of ‘single parenting’

That part really get’s to me…. it get’s to me because my mother taught me that women are 98% responsible b/c without our wombs, a man’s sperm is powerless.

It’s called 100% conscious decisions. She also explained the logic behind a woman deciding to ‘have a child and raise it’ comes from being prepared herself to handle it from start to finish.

Having the father be around, providing, etc.. is of course what she and all women wanted, but realistically it may not happen and having a child shouldn’t be based on ‘what may happen or what you want to happen’ it should be entirely based on what you can make happen via your faith in Christ that strengthens you!

She then explained that had having me been based solely on her ‘keeping my father, him being there how she wanted him to, etc.’ she would not have had me. She hadn’t had the type of foundation established with him that she wanted prior to having me, but she had faith in God and what he could do through her.

She decided that she would have me because she knew she could provide for me and she knew that in the event she couldn’t, she’d encourage and prepare my father to do so without involving a third party. She told me the ‘moment and not a second later’ that he gave her the impression he didn’t want to be ‘a father to his child’ he would have never saw me again … now why that didn’t happen is another blog post LOL

However, what I gathered from my tumultuous upbringing is that my mother knew going in that my father wasn’t the ‘homebody’ type, however she knew that despite his ‘infidelity’ there was a ‘loyal’ side to him. She knew that he’d do ‘what he could’ and that was most important to her. She didn’t stress about all the things she wanted him to do, but instead taught me how to be grateful for what he did do, because that’s obviously all he could do and even if it wasn’t “what and how much was he supposed to do? Did i think he owed me his life?”

She said “your family owes you nothing, but love, and even that’s within reason!”

She also taught me the men and especially the women of God – the strongest – are the ones who truly ‘live by faith’ and don’t involve child support court, family members, and childish antics to resolve their family affairs.

They plan, pray, and proceed.

I am proud to be one of the ‘strong women’ of God.

I pray that going forward many of you women take heed and teach your daughters how ‘precious their body is and how her life will be changed forever once she has a child’

I pray that you men teach your boys about the dangers and consequences of making children that they aren’t prepared to father with women they’ve never seen a future with.

Teach them one night stands, dont have to end up as ‘lifetime lessons, headaches or burdens’
If anything it should be and feel like the blessing it was intended to be!
Not the commodity and ego stroking
having children has become!
Dealing with a coparent should never cause you irritation, depression, etc. but for so many it does (because of your misguided impulsive decisions) and that’s why there’s so many broken homes; because you have ‘babies having babies’ and the broken homes are the results of the tantrums they’ve had !
Look at your life and  that which you’ve displayed to and given your child or children, then think about the decisions you’ve made and those you’ve supported your child or children in making and ask yourself have I helped future generations or have I potentially set us back another 100 years or more?
I will be one of the few breaking the generational curse of ‘broken single parent homes’ I am going to do my best to maintain not only my marriage, but in the event that doesn’t last, my amicable partnership with my son’s father because contrary to popular belief the person or persons that you have a child or children with is ‘your life partner’ because you are spiritually connected for life, whether you’re geographically close or not… be careful who you to choose to be life partners with….