#CANDID #PSA: Women you HAVE TO “give a little to get a lot!”

Originally Posted Monday, July 22, 2013

Now this blog is about “women and giving!” 

I know a lot of you are probably like what? Women are always giving!!! 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever! In my experiences, women are always “Giving the right things to the wrong person or the right things to the right person, but at the wrong time in the wrong way!” 

Now I’m speaking to women who “are selfish and materialistic!” 

If the shoe doesn’t fit, put it back on the shelf! Quite often I become “irritated and blatantly turned off” by women’s status updates or tweets about “what a man could or should do for, to, or with them!” 

I RARELY IF EVER hear of a woman speaking about what a man has done “through her!” 

Meaning what have you “assisted a man in doing” that didn’t include you being intimate with him or spending his money? I’ll wait….

Many women “can’t speak on that!” 

Many women can’t speak on that, because “outside of their son’s, supervisors, co-workers or failed relationships” they’ve never given of themselves in that way. 

I, however, have been the type of woman that “gave” of herself in many ways. 

In the past, I’ve acted as a man’s: “therapist, cook, concubine, executioner, Administrative Assistant, etc…” 

Once I realized that my “true talent” had nothing to do with my sexual skills, I became even more confident. 

I became even more determined to “teach and assist” men and women. However, there are a lot of men who’ve been beat down or stepped on by women; so that’s why I catered to them usually. 

I’ve helped and STILL HELP men conduct research, write papers/proposals, market themselves or their business, see the truth in their behaviors and those of their spouse or co-workers, be honest and accountable for their decisions and much more. 

Hell, in the past I’ve even “spent” my hard earned money on several men just for sex, for their birthday, clothes, and then some.

I would tell other women “I pay to play, because I don’t intend to lay and stay!” I was serious with it!  LMAO 


It irritates me when I see or hear about “Working women” who are “chasing men down” for their money. 


What are you doing with your money? 

Why do you think you NEED his money? 

Why does he HAVE to pay for ALL the dinners? Why can’t you cook “restaurant quality” food for him? 

What have you bought for him that cost more than $150 for his birthday or promotion? 

When have you taken him out “your treat?” 

When have you washed his car with your money? 

When have you taken his car in for servicing on your day off? 

When have you helped him with a project that you didn’t directly benefit from? 

How many times have you sent him flowers, candy, or anything to “his job?” 

All I’m saying is ladies, we have to start using our “minds over matter!” Stop “bargaining with your heart and vagina!” Unless you’re looking to “auction it off indefinitely!” 

Unfortunately, that’s how some of you will be. 

You’ll be “auctioning it off to the highest bidder just for the sake of instant gratification and the appearance of a relationship or companionship!” 

I pity the foolish woman who believes that’s a fulfilling way to live. 

I also pity the foolish woman who believes that “She’ll get a husband” that way. 

A real man that respects himself, will NEVER settle for a woman that’s solely about materialistic and financial gain. 

A man wants a woman that’s a God fearing and reverencing woman. 

He wants a woman that knows and respects her “biblical place meaning God 1st, the man, then the woman.” 

He needs a woman that can “lead and provide” in the event that he can’t. 

He needs a woman that WILL love him purely; but with the expectation of advancement. 

He needs a woman who is kind, loving, caring, intelligent, innovative, but most of all honest, accountable and loyal!