#CANDID #Relationships Are you “consumed by communication or the lack thereof?”

Originally Posted Thursday, July 11, 2013

Recently, I’ve taken “the bull by the horns” regarding communication and attempting to rectify the lack thereof; on my part! 

What I’ve found over the years is that, MOST people communicate out of sincere interest, convenience and then comfort-ability. 
I made a “conscious” decision; recently, to “reach out” to people who I don’t usually communicate with. 
I did. I didn’t receive the response “I assumed I would!” 
However, most times “no response” is response enough. 

I accepted that “some people” I’ve reached out to, or considered reaching out; were going to be a waste of time, because too much time has come in between us. 

I have unresolved issues with some; although I’m willing to “bury the hatchet.” They aren’t; because some of the people are angry with me, unjustly. Meaning they’ve taken “to heart or become offended” by incidents that have taken place with myself and another individual or set of individuals. They’ve taken credit for things that their “family members or co-workers” may have done for me; therefore they feel justified in their judgement of and attitude towards me. 

*Duly Noted*

Others I’ve honestly never had “an open line of communication” with, so how could I possibly go about establishing and maintaining one now? Is it really worth it? Do I really need it? More importantly, are they interested in having it? 

I became “exhausted” posing those questions to myself; so I weighed the pros and cons and ultimately, averted. 

I have also learned to accept that “some people” don’t know how to “effectively and consistently communicate.” 
I’ve always loved to talk and write effectively and consistently; so I’ve always prided myself in maintaining those behaviors in my relationships throughout my life. 

Some people have “entitlement escapades” and believe that you should “ALWAYS” reach out to them and they have no comprehension of why “communication is a two-way street!” 
There are certain friends and family that will NEVER hear from me again; UNLESS they initiate and establish contact! 
They will hear of me, about me, but NEVER from me! 
I have to “kill and cremate” those relationships; because the communication felt more obligatory than effortless. Then in some instances, people have communicated via third-party. If you’ve communicated with me via third-party, please note: you have NOT effectively communicated with me! 
I love natural, effortless relationships! I pride myself in them! 

If a relationship feels like I have to “compete, work or fight” to be your friend or family, then I’ll quit asap!

I refuse to “make” time for that! 
The reason the aforementioned people will NEVER hear “from” me; is because I’ve already “overextended” myself, beyond myself. 
Meaning…. I’ve humbled myself for someone or something that I “in the past” would NOT have! 
I am not the “pressed overbearing type” of person even when I really want to see, speak to, or be with people. 
IF I reach out to you via text, email, or phone call “know that I’ve made time for you!” 
I ALWAYS accommodate who and what’s important to me! 
Real Men and Women Do Real Things they do NOT make excuses! 
If you’ve been “consumed by communication or the lack thereof;” I urge you to cease. 
IF people really want to be in your life, they WILL make an effort. For those that don’t make an effort because their always giving you an excuse, stop accepting the excuses. 
Excuses only wear your spirit down; because an excuse is a negation of an expectation.
God puts people even family, in your life; sometimes for a season and other times for a particular reason. 
Let go! Who and what’s meant to be, will be; and who and what isn’t, won’t!