#CANDID There’s levels to this…… Maturity or Lack thereof Pt.2

Theres levels to this .... Maturity

Now I’ve ex-communicated from people who have ‘irritated and hindered me’ to the point of no return.

However, I’ve realized over the past two weeks alone, that my work isn’t done yet.

I am still surrounded by ‘children’

I am so sick and tired of hearing ‘grown people’ with ‘children’ that have all these excuses about why they aren’t ‘where they should be in their lives, or don’t have what they want or need’

I myself have had to ‘re-evaluate’ my own ‘finger pointing’ and take responsibility for my role in the present state of affairs – good and bad.

I have seen and have listened to ‘countless’ accounts of people blaming others.

Even when a person ‘comes for you – attacks’ you have a choice in what happens thereafter based upon your reaction.

If you continue to do the ‘same damned things’ then expect to get the same results..

I’m over listening to you all cry, moan, and complain about things that ‘you aren’t making any efforts to change’ you’re simply complaining and wasting my damned time and energy ‘talking to you’ because you aren’t listening, not the least bit…

If you choose to sit back and let life pass you by, meanwhile ‘blaming others’ for your problems….. then be go right ahead.. but please don’t ‘come crying on my shoulder or looking for anymore words of encouragement’ because you all have drained me and don’t have the potential to refill me, hell most of you who ‘come to me for advice’ I can’t come to when I’m in need ….

So on this note, I urge you to read and comprehend the picture above and understand that if ‘you’re grown, then you need to not only act like it…. you should ALWAYS think and process like one’ versus picking and choosing when it’s convenient for you to be an adult…