#CANDID Women Winning vs Girl Power

Originally Posted Saturday, January 4, 2014

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Throughout my life I’ve found it difficult to be amicable or co exist with “girls” – immature, insecure, conniving, unstable, disloyal, overly dramatic, desperate females regardless of their age – for one reason or another. I have tried and have failed miserably, with these type of females.
Yet, whenever I encounter “women” – mature, confident, stable, caring, uplifting, loyal, faithful, understanding, accommodating, humble, females regardless of their age – I’ve always had good, if not wonderful interactions, experiences and blessings.
I am a woman by definition .

wom·an http://www.dictionary.com

  [woom-uhn]  Show IPA
noun, plural wom·en  [wim-in]  Show IPA .


the female human being (distinguished from man ).

an adult female person.

a female attendant to a lady of rank.

a wife.

the nature, characteristics, or feelings often attributed to women; womanliness.

wom·an http://www.merriam-webster.com

 noun \ˈwu̇-mən, especially Southern ˈwō- or ˈwə-\
: an adult female human being
: a woman who has a specified job or position
: all women thought of as a group
I no longer have the ‘intellectual, spiritual, or physical’ capacity to acknowledge, accommodate, socialize or partner in any way with girls.
I am only open to relationships with women, because ‘birds of a feather flock together’
Now that doesn’t mean that I won’t have any ‘girls’ somewhere in my life, but I’m not looking to recruit or retain any new ones for sure.
Women Winning are always going the extra mile for the greater good. They make conscious decisions and are accountable and consistent at seeing them from beginning to end.
Women Winning are the women who’ve come into my life and played a part in me becoming the woman I am today.
My Women Winning have not only clothed, fed, housed, disciplined, and supported me; they’ve loved me not unconditionally, but with expectations. The expectation of me becoming the best version of myself I can be and as I say ‘maximizing on my full potential.’
To this day some of my women winning who were mentors remain in my life; a few of my exes mother’s; women I’ve met randomly or through jobs, these are my examples of ‘women winning.’
Now the ‘girls’ I’ve dealt with have always become envious of me for one reason or another; many of these ‘girls’ will never admit to it; but ‘actions or lack thereof speak louder than words.’
I encourage you to decide as a ‘female’ who you really are to your core, and where you stand in your life.
Do you represent Girl Power or Women Winning?