“My life is my message.” Mahatma Gandhi HBIC_PHILANTHROPY’S BACKSTORY:

HBIC_PHILANTHROPY’S handle/blog site IS inspired by my life experiences living with #BipolarDisorders since age thirteen and now having a son diagnosed with #Autism. Not to mention, all those that know me (realistically and virtually) and that have said you know you were right or you’re honest!


HBIC_PHILANTHROPY started when I was very young, approximately seven years of age and not only my mother; but my paternal grandmother told me that I was “an old soul” because of the things I used to say and do.

My father eventually began to say “you little b^%$# what do you think you’re in control or in charge around here?”

Hence the mentality and alter ego “HBIC” was born!

My mother took great pride in my concise intuition “ESP” at such at an early age, in addition to my investigative side.
My mother was an Educator by nature, although she was a Nursing Professional.
I was great at “finding out things” and “putting things together.” There were often times she confided in me, regarding “coming to grips with things” and making decisions.
My grandmother, however, was in awe and often times in direct opposition with my “old soul” because I was too in tune with the nonsense that she and my father had going on.
My grandmother too, confided in me and depended upon me to assist her in various aspects, simply to maintain the farce of a home she and my father had.
I’ve always been a confidant. Despite me being an open book “at times” I’m an extremely private, and reserved person to my core.
I have a niche, that’s truly God given. When I write, people…. read.
When I speak, people…..listen. When I walk, people…..stop and stare!
There’s just something about me that connects me to people.
Whether people like or hate me, they can definitely say I’m truly unforgettable!
You’ll never meet another like me! I’m not always right, but honestly speaking, I’m seldom entirely wrong!
I have an opinion and I’m going to give it. I have a story and I’m going to tell it.
Welcome to my #Virgo #Bipolar world……..
FYI: I am virtually, previously and also known as “Virgo Tiffany, Notable Tiffany, TheophanyDionysus, KeepingIt1000%, and That_Bitch_you_love_2_hate.”
“I’ll be your #VaultKeeper or #SpiritEater ~ you decide!”
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