RIP Trayvon Martin: Let me remind you “of little faith!” George Zimmerman WILL “be judged & punished” by my Father God “in God’s time & in his way!” His punishment supersedes ALL judicial systems! “Don’t believe me, just watch!”

Originally Posted Monday, July 15, 2013

I’m NOT about to let “What I know” waver because of what I’m currently seeing and hearing.

God’s shown me this “time and time again” in my own life, with my own enemies and naysayers!

He “Avenges” ALL trust me… and his WILL, Will be done; but in his time.

God doesn’t function in “Worldly” time or standards; The holy spirit has more power than that! “don’t believe me? cool, just watch!”


We can not allowed our flesh to be moved, because what’s done through the spirit, man will never fully understand!!

1 more thing…. Did God NOT avenge O.J. Simpson’s crime? ALL the blacks that supported him, where were you when the book situation arose? Quiet, like the church mice you are! You all don’t want to discuss that, ¯\(Ä)/¯?

Truth be told… This is “the flip side” O.J. Killed “one of theirs” George killed “one of ours” the judicial system always fails. What they do is NEVER enough.

God however supersedes ALL judicial systems, just as O.J. Is rotting for his sins, George too will be punished “in God’s time!”

Who are you as a human being to dare question the power of God?

Check your level of faith or lack thereof…. Why soooo angry? Why soooo dissatisfied?

Because you’re functioning in a worldly sense NOT holding firm to your faith.

Trust in your father God! Know that he NEVER fails, in his time God’s law WILL prevail!

I’m done because I’m going to get seriously angry by “the lack of faith” I’m seeing, some of you sound like timid children snitching on a bully, nobody believes is a bully…look..look what he did! Punish him!

Sit down! Catch your breath and watch God work!!!

Then MOST of you who are on “these social networks” seeking justice for “Trayvon Martin” live nowhere near him; yet are in “close proximity” to Michael Kingsbury, the young man with Autism who “died” recently in a car in NE, Washington, DC.

Now…… my question is “if you can black out pics for Trayvon?”

Where’s your support for Michael, who was again “7” the same age and diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder, as my son?!!

Hmmm I’ll wait….


  • Derek Anthony Al Sharpton didn’t talk about young Michael, so them fools don’t care. Ain’t nothing racial about that child dying, so they don’t care. That boy dying in a car is a bigger tragedy really. But these folks in this area got more love for someone in a different part of the country than for people in their own neighborhoods.
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  • MrsTiffany Hbic White Derek Anthony THANK YOU! These silly rabbits are “jumping” all out of control, status updating like shit, but I haven’t heard or seen of a “blackout” for Michael, or what about the children who died “By their mother’s hand” on 6 Street SE…. oh because she was locked up, that’s enough?! That’s right, when it’s “the others” against us we want them “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law” but when it’s “us against us” we empathize… there’s a lot of ignorant people out here…
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    That’s right, when it’s “the others” against us we want them “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law” but when it’s “us against us” we empathize… there’s a lot of ignorant people out here…
    • Jamila Proctor What’s your solution?
    • MrsTiffany Hbic White MY Solution LMAO? Why is it NOW MY solution? Does it not take a village to raise a child? I’m ONE Of many village people. I suggest that WE as a people “give as much” effort into solving the “local consistent crimes” as we do those abroad and out of state. I suggest we “rant and rave for justice” as we do everything else! That’s my suggestion, but a solution I’m far from having because “ALL” things can not and will not be handled by man’s law in man’s time… Jamila Proctor