The PROOF of ……. Being about my business and Turning Motive Into Motivation … .this far

Originally Posted Sunday, October 20, 2013

As I’ve been preaching about being #SelfMade #HBIC #Virgo #Bipolar ”                       About my business” etc… LOL I’m now here to share with you the                                 “fruits of my labor” = proof this far. 

Below are some screenshots of my current reporting statistics from my                      personal blog site – – that you all have been supporting. 

The above pic shows the new visitors (in blue) and it also reports about recurring visitors (in green).

pic 2 stats



Hallelujah! All praises be to God! 73.3% are “New” visitors. 


pic 3 stats



The above pic shows the “new” visitor only, statistics for the “Cities” in which my site was accessed. Washington, DC makes up 33.33% of visitors; Cairo, Egypt makes up 13.33% of visitors; Deltona, Fl.;  Morton, Illinois; Baltimore, MD; Laurel, MD; Potomac, MD; Renton, WA; and Burien, WA each make up 6.67% each of visitors.


pic 4 stats



This pic summarizes where my “new” visitors are from. 86.67% are from the United States of America and 13.33% are from Egypt. 


  Anytime you visit my site, whether you simply come to judge it’s name, orientation and appearance, content, or you actually read the content, utilize the advice given, etc. you are supporting my brand, my business, which is my lifestyle! 

I’d like to thank everyone who have and continues supporting me! I’d like to thank even those who doubt me; because your doubt, fuels my motivation and my motivation manifests my success!

“Be about your business!” I’m about mine…