When God keeps bringing your past into your present, it’s time to turn your mess into a message!

Originally Posted Friday, July 19, 2013





I’ve ALWAYS been the kind of person “to hold on” to people, places and things “of my past” unless they became detrimental to my present and future.

I ONLY “ex-communicate or cut off” people, places and things AFTER I’ve exhausted all humility, and desire.

“Keeping hold of my past, has and will continue to keep me authentic and humble.”

The more I grow, the more it shows!

I have learned to “accept”that God WILL bring your “unresolved” past into your present and you have to turn your mess into a message!

I’ve encountered people from my past, with whom there were unresolved issues; whether they were aware of it or not. God has laid it on my heart to “turn my mess, into a message!”

I’m not saying “go backwards.”

I’m saying “stand firm and affirm” who you are, how far you’ve come and how far you intend to go! Help them to understand “why you are where you are and refuse to lose or go backwards.”

DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT ALLOW “them or your love/desire to be with or available to them” cause you to become overwhelmed emotionally, abused verbally (emotionally), physically, or financially.

Stand your ground!

Help them to understand that “your success” is NOT theirs.

Help them to understand “your blessings” are NOT theirs.

Help them to understand “they have to have the faith and desire” to overcome their circumstances; as you have!

Last but certainly, not least, make it perfectly clear “the past issues will NOT be dwelled upon.”

I KNOW that my life is a message!

I KNOW that everything I’ve been through, am going through and will go through is “to help someone other than myself!”

I AM CONTENT with the “messenger” role and the duties associated.

I AM NOT comfortable with letting go; even when it appears I’ve let go “abrupt and effortlessly.”

However, I “value” my Nirvana; to the extent I will NOT allow anyone or anything to taint or hinder it.