#CANDID Blacks/African Americans – Consumed by consumerism

We pride ourselves in having the appearance of “the life” without actually having it. Competing, oppressing others, & selfishness.

We rarely “own” our homes, cars; before we’re 80 some don’t ever own theirs; but the Whites, Hispanics/Mexicans, & Asian “children” come into their adulthood “owning” homes, cars, & businesses!

Their not all “rich & privileged” either! They work & teach their children the power in “owning” & establishing a stable means of income, & a stable lifestyle while helping & teaching others.

Many Black’s specifically “think” they’re rich because “right now” they can “afford” to pay a car note, mortgage, buy this designer or another, & more.

Yet these same people complain about “what others have!” Only a few complain about what others don’t have. These people “refuse” to help “strangers” because they don’t sincerely help anyone “they can’t immediately & directly” benefit from. They rarely help those in their family, close friends or coworkers!

These people display oppressive, tyrannical, uncompromising, unaccountable, selfishness, conniving behavior towards anyone who doesn’t “glorify them & their things.”

They especially show discontent towards those who can’t be manipulated by them or their things.

Our priorities as a people “Black/African American” or as I joke “American African” LOL ..  must be revised otherwise we’ll continue being “enslaved” by the corporate industry & consumerism!

Black’s take more pride in “beating each other down” than they’ll ever take in uplifting each other. It’s only a few who uplift
“sincerely.” We work to obtain materialistic’s while our characters wither away.

We break down families “within our culture” while we “work” to build other cultures families, their family businesses, & more.

If we don’t wake up & regain our “sense of self” & our place within our culture; we’ll continue to have generations of “young parents” & little, to no young business owners or success stories!

It’ll be a bunch of ostentatious, irresponsible, presumptuous, evil, immature people who’ll continue spreading their distorted perceptions of richness.

Richness contrary to popular belief is indicative of your character (spirit); that’s worth more than your weight in gold.

God will not concern himself with, nor will he ask you “how much money you’ve made, how expensive your home, clothes, shoes, etc were” yet he will go down the list to “evaluate” your worthiness based on your ability to maintain his Ten Commandments & your ability to be accountable & humble where you’ve fallen short.

He’ll check off the list “how many times you’ve turned the other cheek, how you’ve used your God given talent to help someone who couldn’t pay you what your worth, if at all. He’ll look at your ability to be remorseful & accountable for your wrongdoing against those who you committed evil against unjustifiably! Your ability to honor your mother, father, etc.

These are just some of the things that you’ll be judged on.

Be proud of what you’ve earned. Be willing to help & teach those who could never repay you.  Don’t let your pride consume you. Once your pride consumes you, you then become consumed by consumerism.

Please understand I am striving for better, however I’m going to work smart & not hard to achieve my goals.

I’ve always “sincerely” helped others, I’ll continue doing so; despite the fact I’d love to profit from my skills.

Please note, I’m not “obsessed” with the profit.

I’m “obsessed” with my “quality of life” for myself & family; in addition to positively influencing & impacting all those I come in contact with (within reason & respect to human nature).

Having richness in character will afford you a place in Heaven.

Stop trying to create heaven on earth, because it’s impossible. Even the most wealthiest person in the world, can’t buy life; they can only simply disengage while awaiting death.

Yours Truly,