#CANDID Stop trying to people please, unless you intend on living life on your knees!

Often times in life we try to convince others that we’re deserving or capable of one thing or another.

We sacrifice ourselves beyond reason to attempt to “please or prove ourselves” to these people.

I urge you to ask yourself, “what exactly is wrong with me that I feel I need to *please * others, before pleasing myself?”

I’d also like to ask yourself “what intimidates them about me that they’re constantly oppressing me? To uplift themselves!”

Then last but not least “why am I desperately clinging to a life or relationship of despair?”

There’s no perfect person. We all have a past, a present and future we’re all going to be held accountable for; if not during our lifetime, upon our demise “we will be judged & punished or rewarded accordingly!”

With that being said: “get up and shake the devil and his advocates off!”

Trying to please, or convince people especially those you have hurt, lied to, or disappointed in another way; will have you figuratively and in some cases physically “begging” this person or people to “accept and believe you!”

Understand this…. Some people “only” claim to have forgiven you, so they can “punish you themselves” by breaking your spirit first. Once they’ve broken you spiritually then they break you physically.

The spirit controls everything, so once they’ve convinced you “without their presence or approval” you’re nothing, then your spirit is weak and they can manipulate you, which controls how you think, feel and what you do!

If you find yourself always “questioning yourself” especially your most purest intentions, then you’ve been had!

Look up, realize this person is over you like a dark cloud on a sunny day, determined to steal your shine, to increase theirs!

Get up, brush yourself off, and remind yourself of who you were, are, and aspiring to be.

Be honest, don’t fool yourself!

Don’t be a victim to someone else fooling you either!

Yet, don’t allow yourself to become a punching bag for a retired fighter. Meaning there’s people who are beating you down because that’s all they can do, to stop or hinder you.

Your potential, character, and behaviors intimidate them tremendously. They fear your success! They fear your strength! They fear your mere “individualized” presence especially once they realize they no longer have the ability to “control, manipulate or fool you!”

Take with you this, if anyone makes you second guess about yourself, then it’s time to get rid of the burden and come into your spiritual wealth… That’s restoration of your mental and physical health, meaningful relationships, financial stability and much more.

Yours Truly,