Fear and Humility

You don’t need to fear anyone or anything, because in this life, you’ll never be able to please or beat everyone that you encounter. They’ll be people and situations that you won’t have any control over.

The ignorant ‘mistake’ some people’s humility with fear. It’s not fear, it’s self control and self respect. Never regret being humble…..

I urge you to press forward and hold your head to the sky, because understand this; sometimes the strongest person is the one who allows him or herself to ‘appear’ weak temporarily.

People who are quick to demeanor, boast, or brag are people who are living in pride and because they lack a normal amount of humility, they always come up short.

They are situations where you must ‘stand your ground and defend what is right’ however you know whose worth acknowledging and whose not.

Everyone that get’s you wrong doesn’t deserve the time it takes to ‘correct’ them.

Embrace and control your humility….. you’d surprised to learn it’s actually one of your greatest strengths..

Yours Truly,