“Be determined; not desperate!”



You’ve got to be determined to “get what you deserve” out of life. If you’ve been knocked down in life, don’t become desperate! Most times we make mistakes, sometimes we’re unprepared, other times we’ve simply sold ourselves short.

Often times many of us waste our potential and time being “hopeless romantics, serial daters, job hoppers, neighborhood/city hoppers, victims, and more!”

Meanwhile others are maximizing on their potential and time by “refusing” to accept anything less than the best = what they deserve.
Some us work for people, date people, help people, etc that aren’t on our level either intellectually, physically, or financially; if not all the above.

Once you’ve accepted yourself completely, it empowers you to “demand what you deserve!” Your determination to succeed will, well it should, prevent you from being desperate!

We all have our “weak (desperate)” moments or situations, however once you’ve realized that “you need, deserve and can obtain better” it’s time you work for it.

It’s time you wipe your tears, beat down your fears, and bury your oppressors and move forward knowing “you’ll reap what you sow” once you’ve let go of all that tries to pull you below….


2 thoughts on ““Be determined; not desperate!”

    • Exactly. Often times we become overwhelmed with trying to make a decision now, sometimes a “now” decision isn’t possible or realistic; yet we must not allow ourselves to be oppressed by our inability to decide therefore becoming desperate. Planning and sticking to the plan, while respecting the process is essential. Thank you for your feedback and support.


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