#Candid “Know where your loyalties lie” Pt. 2

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I will no longer explain my reasoning behind why I’m affiliated with anyone!

People (esp a few in particular) kill me thinking that “you can’t” have a relationship with an ex or their family member “unless” there’s something “sneaky or sexual” going on..

I’m sick of people combating my “loyalties” because I don’t have a child or children with them and we weren’t ever married.

Yet the women or men many of you have children with or were married to; you have 0 % “amicable” communication & interactions with or acknowledgement from!

Some of your kids don’t even like or acknowledge you (for those who even know who you are)…

I’m officially done explaining myself or acknowledging your irrelevant, judgemental & obviously envious inquiries!

“Any and everyone” that disagrees with my relationships with anyone especially those from “my past”  NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT I’m loyal (often to a fault) and until I’m dismissed, betrayed, or I simply grow apart I’m going to do my best to remain amicable and loyal to those who’ve done the same for me!

Know where “your” loyalties lie! Don’t let anyone “deter” you….

People will have their opinions, but what’s an opinion have on “the facts?”

Not a got damned thing, y’all can have y’all dried up baby momma’s and baby father’s who you “ONLY communicate” with out of guilt or obligation, not because y’all have a connection- a comfort zone- a loyalty to one another that’s impenetrable…

I’ll assume you’re just mad that “I actually matter” to those who I’ve never had a child with, & you never did to those you have plenty of children with.

Lmao at you all.

Worry about yourself!

I got this….