Chivalry and Modesty aren’t dead, it’s just “trifle and promiscuity” are widely accepted!


Let me say, it’s so many poor excuses for men and women running around it’s ridiculous!

Trust me when I tell you ” Chivalry and Modesty aren’t dead, it’s just “trifle and promiscuity” are widely accepted!”

I say that because there are still gentlemen and ladies out here who pride themselves in being as chivalrous and modest as their flesh, upbringing/morals, and affiliations will allow them.

Then there’s those who thrive off “trifle and promiscuity!” They don’t know anything but that.

When you come “sincerely being polite or helpful” they’ll automatically assume “you’re just like the rest!”

But my true question is “how different are they?” If they’re assuming you’re like the rest. How would they know if they haven’t experienced the rest?

Or are they reflecting their own fears and insecurities onto you, to avoid facing them?

Who knows? Who really cares?

I don’t. Neither should you.

Those who are on your intellectual level at the very least, won’t “misinterpret nor read into” your polite surface actions.

Yet, the ones who have a lot of deep seated issues, fears, and insecurities WILL I repeat WILL blow the most innocent of actions or intentions out of context.

In these instances I’d like you men and women to accept their inability to receive you and move on.

You’ll attract naturally what you put out into the world. No need to force it. No need to get down about those who are incapable of comprehending or receiving it.

I’d like to thank all the chivalrous men who’ve held a door with no sexual intentions underlying. I’d also like to thank all the men I’ve ever smiled at and replied hello or have a great day to, that didn’t pursue me further.

On behalf of the men and myself in some instances, I’d like to thank the women who’ve smiled and said thank you for doors being held open, or politely declining an offer to sit down etc.

People you can’t always assume a person speaking to you or offering to help wants more.

I used to “think” any male speaking to or offering to help me; had to want something…. my good good… That so was not the case.

I’ve been hurt following those so called innocent encounters so as a means to “weed out” the corrupt ones I’d give off attitude or ignore them as a defense.

What a waste.

But… Was I right?

I understand it often appears that way, but honestly can you believe everything you see?


With the mind controlling judgement often times you’ll see what you choose to accept as seeing because of your thoughts.

I.e., you see your BFF boyfriend out at dinner with a female (you’ve secretly thought he was a cheater) so to you, you’re believing what you’re seeing and you snap a pic and text it to your friend. Now she confronts him, only for you both to be embarrassed and her now heartbroken because he dumped her after learning he was watched and accused, when come to find out it was an distant cousin from two states over whose been a family secret because of addiction issues for sometime.

Now that’s an exaggerated situation that I’ve heard of being and seen be in a similar aspect realistic.

Take everyone for face value until they give you sufficient reason not to.

There’s still a lot of great people in the world, that you’ll never meet or keep if your closed mind is attached to a cold body that maintains a cold closed heart and folded arms!

Open up.. Enjoy the great things great people have to offer!



Trust…. Once it’s lost, can it ever be regained? If so, fully or partially?


I have extreme trust issues, that stem from my tumultuous upbringing.

Even those I’ve “confided in or depended on” I don’t fully trust.

I trust God 100%! Although I’ve never met or seen him; I’m certain he’s there. I trust myself. I have “learned” to trust a few people.

People I’ve met and continuously seen have let me down. I can depend on them to be themselves, but I can’t trust them to be in my best interest 100%.

I say that because even I at times can’t trust myself to be in my own best interest 100%! So, why would I fool myself into believing I can trust someone else to be?

Why would anyone else try to convince me that they “realistically” could be?

Come on…. Be real.

Now, the people who impacted me the most are those I’ve “learned to trust against my ESP, facts gathered and warnings from others”  only to be given numerous reasons why I shouldn’t be acknowledging them.
One lesson to learn from me is: “if you feel this person isn’t to be trusted regardless of what you’d like to do, they usually aren’t!”

Your gut is your “human scanner” it’s being ignored and that’s why many of us suffer… From trusting

Have you ever been sitting next to or talking with someone and get literally sick?

Mind you, you were feeling great or at least content and calm before!

These are your triggers.

They’re forewarning you of danger ahead.

Of course, I’ve earned and lost the trust of others. People have earned and lost my trust.

The level of trust that can’t be fully regained is betrayal and defamation. Once a person betrays you especially through the act of defaming your character by spreading rumors or revealing truths; is a person who should cease to exist to you.

Lying is bad. Honestly many people have told “a white lie or two” so that aspect of trust, is situational.

Inconsistency, poor time management and turnaround time is another aspect of trust many people often overlook. People who are inconsistent, have poor time management overall but especially poor turnaround time for completing or responding to things are 90% of the time liars; therefore making them untrustworthy.

Take heed to people’s behaviors more than you accommodate your feelings for them and you’ll have a stress less life!

Don’t ignore those “gut feelings” even if you initially don’t have tangible evidence to support, because “in due time” the truth will prevail because time will tell.

Those you can trust have a different impact on your body.

There’s a sense of calm and security when you’re with or speak to the person or people.

You have been through the worst without people ever knowing. Now some are basking in the best together.

You can feel who you can trust, long before you do.

You know (feel) when to cut off your trust and ties with a person or people.

Take this with you…. NEVER and I mean NEVER trust anyone with any information or weaknesses of yours that if publicly repeated you can’t proudly or honestly defend.

There’s many enemies disguised as friends waiting on an opportunity to betray the trust….

Only those true friends who are more like family will do their best to ensure that trust is protected and maintained even if you disagree or choose to part ways.


A Guilty Conscience Never Fails

I’m loving the surfacing of the guilty conscience! 

Lately, I’ve enjoyed making statements watching the crowd go wild!

I’m Lmao because I’m sitting back looking pretty, while you’re truly upset!

You’re not even worth confronting because it’s clear you’re incapable of comprehending what I’m speaking of, stand for, and am capable of, changing your lifestyle or at the least bit progressing intellectually!

Your actions, lifestyle and reactions are a revolving door!

You’ve all got me Lmao

Those who are guilty are quick to respond in “their defense or based on their arrogance!”

Those who didn’t intentionally do something malicious kept calm and carried on!

Lmao at reactions to actions.

“A guilty conscience never fails, especially since the truth always prevails!”

I love being me!

I love knowing who I am, what I stand for and am capable of!

#Tiffany 💍
#Virgo ♍

It’s funny how the very people you’d take a bullet for are usually the one behind the trigger waiting for the perfect opportunity to give you “friendly fire!”

Stay behind enemy lines at all times.

With intellectuals it’s always about the principle, those who are ignorant will never understand this.

They’ll only accept what’s within their limited  capabilities to comprehend.

Don’t waste time trying to “clarify or justify” your intellectual actions to the reactions of an ignorant person.

You’ll waste a lot of time and energy while they occupy space in your life, that could be put to better use.

Trust me, I know from my own experiences.

Those “on your level” (intellectually) will be in your life effortlessly.

They’ll compliment your strengths and accommodate your weaknesses.

They’ll renew your way of thinking. They’ll make you want to not only do better, but be better!

Those who aren’t on your level (intellectually) will reek havoc in your life! They’ll have you “back sliding” without realizing you’ve even moved.

You’ll feel good momentarily but you’ll walk around with guilt of not maximizing on your full potential because you’re over indulge in the reliving of the past and the mediocre excuse filled living of the present.

Live as I do by my motto “give as you expect to receive, receive as you anticipate to reciprocate!”

Most importantly be honest, consistent, and accountable, trust me…. You’ll never have a guilty conscience!


Feel how you feel, but only deal with what’s real!


In life, we’ll be faced with people and situations that will make us angry, hurt, depressed, happy etc. Yet these feelings that we feel aren’t always what needs to be dealt with.

I’ve learned that I can “feel how I feel, but only deal with what’s real” by not allowing my emotions to overpower my intelligence in any situation with anyone!

I’ve learned the hard way that every action doesn’t require a reaction from me. I’ve also learned happily that it’s not a weakness to take the high road!

I’ve seen my strength resonate in taking the high road and turning the other cheek.

There’s certain types of people who’ll only respond to the ignorance that physical violence breeds.

The intellectuals know that violence isn’t an option unless “inevitable” based on the situation and consequences.

Once a person or situation proves “counter productive” discard your feelings of being hurt, disappointed, etc and start dealing with what you can do going forward to increase and maintain your productivity!

Thinking too long or pondering too hard about how you feel, WILL hinder if not totally consume you!

Trust me, I know from my own experiences!

Process those emotions quickly and get back to business. Never let a person or situation get the best of you.

Learn to truly let go and let God deal with those people.

If you’re blessed, God will allow you to witness their downfall in one form or another. God disciplines us all in his own way in due time.

Don’t be consumed by your anger, hurt, or even your happiness.

Meaning stay “level headed” don’t become so overwhelmed with emotion, you aren’t thinking or acting properly.


Farce of “Friends”

My mother Janice Gladden Tyler Memorial was and is still my BFF! I talk with her daily because I’ve learned “women and men lie” but time doesn’t! Oh lord do “women well females lie!” They’ll “avoid topics, lie to your face for years I’m talking 12+” oh men hmm they lie but it’s usually after you haven’t accepted their truth (in my experiences) Time always tell who prevails!

I’ve never expected anymore from “anyone” than I’d give of myself in any aspect or situation; yet I seem to be surrounded by 95% those who “prefer to use you for their convenience or fixation” yet have no loyalty to maintaining the convenience or fixation, even if it’s a farce.

I’m also appalled at the “arrogant” lack of a honest direct response “grown people” are virtually incapable of providing because to their core, their children still engaged in “school yard foolery!” I see y’all.

I’m not impressed nor amused. I’m no longer concerned with or accommodating to “friends!”

I’m taking heed of those who are “consistent, honest and loyal” a title means nothing, if the story (lifestyle) doesn’t match.

Many of you “don’t know me!”

You “knew” me during a time in my life.

Others don’t like me, you’re intrigued by me.

Very few actually “love, respect and support me!”

It’s duly noted. I’m me.

I’m honest, consistent and loyal. I give nothing less than I expect, trust me! 

Remember they’ll never be another #Tiffany #Virgo #HBIC me.


Worrisome Women….

Lmao it’s true, especially for me I hate feeling as if I’m inconveniencing you “in any way” so say if you want me to or not!

Say “exactly how you feel!”

“Just be direct and honest with me!”

Lmao it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it though, because a man answers a woman’s question sufficiently just not “specifically” how she wanted him to..

That’s usually the issue we can’t accept a man’s response if it’s not “identical to what we’ve envisioned or specific to our preferences!

We as women have to not only learn but reach a point of being able to accept “a man” for being who he is. That’s regardless of what we want or may even need him to be!

My husband isn’t a “talker” he’s a doer. The ten years we’ve been together I often find myself, checking myself on how “I feel” about his responses and actions.

My husband will verbally respond or engage in conversation with me, but it’s rare it’s “specifically” how I want.

Yet, It’s always “sufficient!” Now if I choose to be petty and focus only on what he didn’t say in what way, I’ll miss what he actually said they holds value.

Once I’ve eased up on my preferences for at least our communication, I begin to be helped by him. I began to understand, compliment and accommodate him within reason and respect to my own needs, responsibilities and wants.

I urge you women to “keep calm and carry on!”

If you’ve got a man whose “communicating” with you especially one who keeps loving, while coming home to and supporting you; be grateful.

There’s a lot of women suffering in silence. The man that comes home doesn’t even acknowledge them, there’s no conversations only arguments. There’s no sex only cold shoulders. There’s hardly any direct contact or co existing.

I’m NOT by any means saying “settle” yet I AM saying “be grateful for what and who you have!”

I’m saying “assist with or suggest” improvements without being overbearing.

If there’s “deal breakers” then fold and move on. Don’t be a pest. Don’t try and “make him say, do, or be all of what you want!”

Be thankful God created a man to satisfy all your needs!

Lmao Women are that complicated. Seriously, I often wonder how Adam’s descendants have survived alongside Eve’s this long? Hmm although many men have been brought down by the very women who were predestined to uplift and support them..

IJS don’t be a worrisome woman. Don’t hang with them either…. Because birds of a feather flock together…


Wanting the most, while giving or accommodating the least

One of my motto’s is: “The very presences/relationships we say we want or need the most, are those we’re the least willing to maintain and accommodate!”

I’ve accepted that with many people “it’s easier to receive than to give!”

Whereas for myself, it’s easier to give than to receive, because then I feel obligated to reciprocate similarly.

I’ve asked people to visit my blog, leave comments, utilize the ad’s, recommend topics, etc “for free” because it only will cost them “some” of their social networking time that they’re going to spend or waste mostly on insignificant matters.

Yet, these same people haven’t acknowledged my request and obviously they haven’t obliged either!

However they’re quick to “invite me” to one of their costly events. Yet they aren’t willing to accommodate ensuring my presence is included!

Currently I don’t own a vehicle yet “I make time” to visit with people who accommodate my presence in one capacity or another and who don’t make me feel bad about what I’m currently incapable of doing.

I’ve only had a few people actually “pick me up, etc” to ensure my presence was accommodated, yet when I drove if it was appropriate or within my means I’d accommodate those I wanted with me.

I have learned that people do “what they want, with whom or for whom they want, how they want, when and where they want!”

I simply don’t value people who don’t match or at least compliment my efforts and accomplishments.

Start “doing unto others as they do unto you” as I’m doing and don’t feel bad.

Once things for me improve I will support those that at this time I’m unable to “who are deserving of and thankful for!”

For those who haven’t supported me up to that point, it’ll be duly noted and I’ll move forward knowing where we stand.

My message is: be willing to “humble” yourself or “help” someone else if you value their presence and want their support.

Sometimes you have to organize a carpool, giveaway free samples, give people a few dollars as an incentive, and more.

People shouldn’t always have to “spend” money to support you, especially when you won’t “make” (spare) time to support them for free!

Many of your business tactics now are indicative of how selfish and self centered you’ll be in the future.

Learn to appreciate the blessings that come from giving more than taking or balancing out the two.

I’m done with y’all for now.. I’m livid about this ignorance.