Discussion: #Relationships There’s levels to this, or is there?

10 |___
       9 |___
             8 |___
                   7 |___
                          6 |___
                                5 |___
                                      4 |___
                                            3 |___
                                                  2 |__
                                                      1 |_

I hear people who make statements that make me Lmao.

Like men who claim they only mess with “dime pieces” but females they’ve dated looked like gremlins!

Then there’s women who claim to ball out when they wear nothing but “fake, excuse me costume jewelry, knock off bags, etc!”

I’m wondering if these so called “10’s” are truly “10’s” how are they ending up having children and lives with people who are “5’s and under?”

What would you do if you were told you weren’t on someone’s level? What if it’s true?

Is there a such thing as levels in love?

What are your thoughts?