Who are you to you?

Often times I encounter people who don’t know who they are to themselves!

I say that because these people are always concerned with “keeping up!”

They can’t stand to not be “doing a certain way, or not having certain things, because they don’t feel complete. They also don’t believe they’ll fit in with the ‘in’ or popular crowd!”

These people spend most of their lives establishing lives they don’t get to fully live. Their backyards remain empty summer after summer, their houses aren’t homes, it’s rare they’re seen anywhere other than a dark club guzzling a drink. The few that have children miss out on their upbringings and spend much of their time overcompensating.

Why aren’t people comfortable in their own skin?

Why were we freed from the chains of slavery only to replace them with tags of name brands?

Why were women liberated? When most have only oppressed men and other women!

I’m seeing males taking more interest in “beefing up their bodies” than expanding their minds and improving their character!

I’m seeing females obsessed with the money and attention they receive for their bodies than the skills they can show off from using their mind!

It’s a shame. It’s about time to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself “who am I, to me?”

Start living for yourself and not to impress or seek favor from anyone else!