#SpecialNeeds #Autism #Parenting When routines change

I’ve had to learn that Jr likes his routines and when they aren’t followed he (in the past) has had an issue.

How I’ve learned to maneuver in these instances and to prevent a meltdown, I must explain to him what’s happening.

Grant it, he doesn’t always understand “exactly” what’s happening. He can’t always adhere 100% to the changes.

He can “go with the flow” more than ever. He doesn’t get agitated or impatient. He often times “enjoys the spontaneity” the lack of routine gives!

Now we discuss the “pros and con’s” to all situations and what or who they entail.

Jr’s self esteem is steadily increasing because there’s a sense of pride and accountability he has in being “kept in the know” regarding things that impact him.

We are raising adults. We must understand things we want our children to understand or do later, must be taught now!